Roon Arc + T-Mobile Home internet issue

Roon Core Machine

2014 Mac Mini core with WD black SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

T- Mobile Home internet with TP Link deco router

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic Aries, Wiim Home and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

So I have to use Tailscale VPN to connect ARC and I was having issues yesterday trying to get it to play during my run. This issue kind of came up yesterday and it was quite annoying. Either signal was not enough to get it started or VPN was limiting it. But I notice I require more connection than streaming services like Apple Music need.

Is there any other way to integrate T-Mobile home internet with ARC besides using a VPN?

Hi @Abrahams_Bogere,

Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s blanket implementation of a specific CG-NAT configuration prevents ARC in its current iteration from functioning without a VPN. See this thread: T-Mobile (US) 5G Home Internet: CG-NAT Blocks ARC, Workarounds Required [Ticket In]

However, the Roon team is actively researching solutions that we hope will allow for out-of-the-box port forwarding through auto-configuration (even on networks with CG-NAT).

We’ll post updates in the thread linked above as we progress with our initiative to broaden user access to ARC.

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Absolutely! Yeah cause I feel Tailscale can be slower than usual which I have to use with Arc.

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