Roon ARC, Tidal no longer available

I have been using ARC and enjoying it since it first became available. I use both Tidal and Qobuz with my Nucleus Plus as core. All has been going smoothly with both streaming services via ARC along with accessing my library that is on the Nucleus.

Recently, I do not see anything with Tidal via ARC. Qobuz is fine, my local library is accessed fine, all works well except no Tidal. My Tidal subscription is current and I can access that fine outside of ARC.

Unfortunately, I’m traveling for a period of time and cannot get on my Nucleus directly at home. I’m guessing the Nucleus has somehow lost the connection to Tidal but not Qobuz.

If anyone can offer any tips that I might be able to do to attempt to fix this remotely I would sure appreciate it. I do have a house sitter that at most could go and reset the Nucleus by powering down and back on if that might be an option.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

If the core has lost connection, happens sometimes then not a a lot can be done remotely. If someone’s at home ask them to reboot the core it may or may not clear the issue.

Do you have another computer at home? If so, you can load remote control software on it, which will then allow you to do things in your home network, including accessing the Nucleus Web UI and doing a reboot.

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