Roon ARC "USB Driver" issue with dongles / OTG devices

Sony Xperia 5 II with Android 12

Roon ARC
RoonARC 1.0 (92) (app details: v1.0.27)

I’ve enabled the beta “USB Driver” option, connected my Zorloo Ztella and allowed ARC to use it. Everything’s great! (kinda destroyed my ears for a moment but that’s not a first)
My music session ended and now I have to do some work.
I’ve attached my USB Type-C docking to check some external disks (yes, on my smartphone).
I keep getting the popup from ARC asking to use the attached device. The popup appears and disappears instantly. I can’t respond to it. I can’t make it stop from coming up. Tried to disable the option in ARC. Also forced stop the ARC from Android settings. Nothing helped. There’s no way for me to stop the popup. I have to remove the OTG device because it’s unusable.

My guess is that since the docking has a 3.5mm output, it has a DAC, thus the ARC keeps asking. It’s an i-tec type-c docking dongle.

FYI, I haven’t confirmed the behaviour with other devices (either smartphone or dongles).

Expected behaviour(s)

  1. Respect the option in ARC app and stop detecting attached devices, or
  2. Allow me to choose an option at the popup and respect it, or
  3. Do not detect generic non-dedicated DAC devices, or
  4. you name a better solution

I have the same problem with an iDasso USB DAC with an Asus Zenfone 8 flip.

The popup message constantly appears multiple times asking me if I want to use the Roon USB driver, whatever option I select the popup appears again and again.

I could not use the Qobuz app so I removed Roon ARC from my phone.

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