Roon ARC vs Roon Remote with iPhone endpoint

At home, is there any difference between using Roon ARC and Roon Remote with your iPhone endpoint?
Are we supposed to use Roon ARC at home or is this not the preferred way ?

Roon Remote and Roon ARC and different apps; use Roon Remote at home, and when you’re away from your home network, use Roon ARC.

Use whatever you want. Frequently, after walking my dog, I will just let Roon ARC continue to play when I get back home. I leave both WIFI and cellular on all the time, so it connects to WIFI when I get home.

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So if I’m not interested (yet?) in access outside my LAN, I can just ignore the ARC app?



I just tried out Roon ARC on my iPhone in my car. It works! My question is, I want to use Apple CarPlay with the Roon ARC app so that I can select songs while driving but the app does not show up on the list of available apps in Apple CarPlay. Will Roon ARC support Apple CarPlay sometime soon?


It’s coming, sometime. Use the “What’s Playing” ICON on your dash. You’ll have to use your phone for most functions.

Correct, you can keep using Roon Remote only.

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Think I prefer the Roon ARC if just playing from the iPhone. The interface and functionality is actually built for the phone instead of just another version of the Roon remote. We don’t have scrolling lyrics but they do look much better in ARC. It’s currently missing many features but if just throw on a daily mix, I’ll use ARC.

I prefer using ARC if the audio is going to pass through the phone, even at home.

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Two things I’d liked added right away are the bookmarks and I still using the old discovery feature. If don’t know what I want to play, it helps.

For most part with Roon ARC, just used it to play from where I left off when I was using my headphone setup thru roon remote. Like how it instantly syncs up.

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How do I get arc that I’ve installed already on my phone to play on my stereo rather than using the remote form my phone?

To play on your stereo, use Roon Remote not Roon ARC. ARC is for on-the-go or at home when listening with a DAC directly connected to your phone.


I find that using the iPhone as an endpoint I prefer to use ARC it just works better, normal app doesn’t always recognise the dacs connected for some reason.


It can’t currently do that , except via system AirPlay on iOS or sharing via Chromecast on Android from the app itself. They are looking at potentially adding that functionality in a different version, it’s far from finished yet this is just the beginning

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Ah ok , makes sense. Can I use arc to play through My Bluetooth in my car?

I really hope they do make it that way soon as it would make it much more convenient.

Yes you can


how do you transfer what was playing in an endpoint to ARC? I don’t see any option to transfer a playing queue from an in-house endpoint to ARC, can you do that?

You can’t currently maybe in the future they will add this. It’s early days of arc lots more will come.

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Roon ARC does not allow direct access to Qobuz, is it correct?