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Tried to Zoom to Roon ARC webinar (that I registered for several days ago) and got an error message that said: “Unable to join this webinar The webinar has expired. (Error Code: 3038O” This was ten minutes before the webinar was supposed to start. I tried again with five minutes to go and got the same result.

Nothing from Roon Labs and their AI chat bot was absolutely no use.

Why bother?

The webinar was 6 PM BST today. When did you attempt to join?

It was recorded yesterday and is now available on YouTube

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I registered for the October 21st @ 1PM webinar and that is when I tried to join. I could find no instructions online and got no email from Roon. What is “BST”? British Summer Time?

Thanks. I’ll go check it now.

Yes, but I guess there were invites for different time zones.

I received nothing from Roon after I registered for the webinar - no email - no text - nothing. If Roon isn’t sending anything, how would I know?

Hi @mnilan,

It’s possible it went to your spam folder. Otherwise, it’s hard to know for sure whether or not typos existed in the submission or what happened.

Our backup plan was to make the whole thing available to the entire world so I’m glad you’re not missing it!


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@Wes I checked my spam folder several times. Roon has got to up their game when it comes to communicating especially when it wastes other peoples’ time. Assuming that it was a customer error ("…hard to know for sure whether or not typos existed in the submission or what happened… is disingenuous and is an example of how Roon has to up its game in communicating.

I couldn’t get any questions submitted as my computer doesn’t have a time shift function.

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