Roon (as remote on Mac) taking up a ton of system resources

I’m running my Roon Core on a sonicTransporter AP i7, and most of my access is through Roon running on my MacBook Pro (2017) as a remote. Normally everything is fine, however I’ve noticed every few hours the Roon app on my computer starts hogging CPU and memory (readings pasted below, where it’s at the top of the list in both cases). I know when this is happening because my entire machine slows down.

Surely this shouldn’t be the case since Roon on my Mac is just a remote, with the separate Core doing the heavy lifting? What’s going on here?

Tagging @support here in case there are known issues or troubleshooting I can try.

Same for me. Usually sits at ~10% when I just start it up, but after it’s been open a while I’ll notice the laptop getting hot, check it and it’ll be chewing up ~60-70% CPU usage. Not obviously doing anything. Closing it and restarting seems to fix. This is running remote on a 2016 MacBook (core running on a 2012 Mac mini).

@onethinline and @therk ---- Thank you both for the feedback and my apologies for the wait.

Moving forward, if you are consistently seeing this uptick in CPU and memory usage on the mentioned remote devices while Roon is active I would like to enable diagnostics on your accounts so our techs can try to understand what could be causing this behavior to occur.

However, before I enable the mentioned diagnostics would you kindly note the time when you make this observation next this way our techs have a good point of reference when analyzing the logs we receive with the diagnostics report.


@Eric Sure thing. I’m suspicious that the problem is happening when Roon is running full-screen, since it hasn’t come up recently in normal window mode. What I’ll do is monitor in either mode and check back when I catch the problem again.

Yep, no problem (I also generally run Roon full screen).

Okay, I’ve just seen the problem start again, at around 9:30pm Pacific today (Monday). Also, Roon is indeed running in full-screen mode right now. CPU use is close to 80%.

Thanks for touching base with me @onethinline, the feedback is appreciated!

Letting you know that I have enabled the mentioned diagnostics on your account and once the report has been received I will confirm that we have it and then swiftly pass over to our techs for analysis.


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@onethinline ---- Confirming that the mentioned diagnostics report have been received and is now attached to your ticket which I am preparing for our tech team to review.

Once they have completed their analysis I will be sure to share their thoughts/findings with you in a timely manor. Your patience is very appreciated!


@eric Thanks for your help!

Finally also seems to have repeated here. It’s currently spending most of its time between 30-40% CPU with the odd spike up to 70 or 80%. It’s about 9.20 pm GMT here. Thanks!

Thanks for touching base with me @therk, the feedback is very appreciated!

Continuing forward, now that I have the requested timestamps I am going to be enabling diagnostics on your account. The next time the application is active on your core machine and the affected remote a diagnostics report should be automatically generated/uploaded to our servers. I will confirm when it has been received.


@therk ---- Letting you know that the mentioned diagnostics have been received, passing over to our techs for evaluation.


Right now I’m listening to internet radio and Roon is behaving somewhat nicely. It’s taking roughly 4% of the CPU, minimized it drops to 2,5% which I still think is kinda high. I need to try minimizing when it’s really power hungry.

My machine is early 2015 MacbookPro with 2,9GHz i5 using the built in Intel GPU.

I’m only using the Roon installation on this mashine as a remote though. I’ve got the Roon Core running on a different (Linux) machine and my music is on a (Qnap) NAS streaming to my Devialet.

Ok, I was playing christmas songs today and left the computer. Now that I opened it, I had the music paused and Roon was using >10% of the CPU just being there, not even playing music. I minimized it the CPU usage went down to 5% but it’s climbing, seems to be more than 8% now doing nothing minimized.

Still the CPU fan is not even (audibly) on yet so I’ve seen way worse.

It took a while, but now my Roon (used as a remote only) seems to be using 50-70% of the CPU. I know this Psychic TV album I’m playing is pretty hot stuff, but I see no reason why my machine needs to be. I mean most of the load should be at the Core and Bridge and Remote should do the minimum.

I guess it’s doing a lot of drawing or something, because minimized the cpu usage is going down to 5% which is still pretty high for an app not really doing anything, but bringing it back up again brings CPU usage back as well. Maybe slightly lower though, only 40%, but still pretty much.

Hi @Janne_Johansson ----- Thank you for your continued feedback on this behavior you have been experiencing when your MBP is acting a Roon remote. Very appreciated!

Continuing forward, I have moved your posts over to this thread as I am working with two other users who have reported the same behavior. As I have asked previously, may I very kindly ask you to reproduce the issue on the MBP and note the time when the observations is made.

Once I have a sense as to when the error is observed I am going to go ahead and enable diagnostics on your account so our techs can have a closer look into this behavior.



has this problem ever been resolved?
I’m having the same issue on my Mac, with extreme battery drain, overheating and CPU usage when I leave the Roon Remote on for a while


I’d say no. Still getting this from time to time…

It 2020 and I’m also seeing this behaviour basically every time on my Mac. :frowning: