Roon associates music by Philip Glass with the Philips Label

I dont know why, but Roon seems to think that Philip Glass and Philips are related ins some way or another.

On the composition listing it shows the Philips Labels at the bottom - even though none of the recordings I have with Philipp Glass are on the Philips Label. They are on Naxos, Deutsche Gramophone, Nonesuch und Sony mostly.

There seems to be something wrong here.

Hi @bbrip,

The screen that you’re showing her shows all search results for the term “Philip Glass”. Labels are also returned as a part of searches, and so we are showing the Philip labels as potential matches for your search just based on the text entered.

Are you seeing these labels applied to the actual album releases for Philip Glass?

None of them. Just Philips. What you say about the search term would sound logical to me of I would have just searched for “Philip” but not “Philip Glass”.