Roon audio cuts out when with higher resolution audio files

Roon Core Machine Windows Desktop

Window Desktop wired

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired from 1g router

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H120 Using Bluesound Node 3 to SMSL SU-9

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When playing any higher rez content meaning 96k or above including MQA files, audio keeps on cutting out. Have Bluesound set to render only… Bluesound connection wired. plays fine at lower resolution

HI Bob, Welcome to the forum. Issues of this type are usually related to network performance issues. I’ve linked an article from the Roon Knowledge Base on that topic.

On the volume control, there is a DSP selection. Check if you have any DSP filtering switched on (eg mixing, convolutions etc). Some of the features in DSP Engine can consume a lot of CPU resources. Check the processing speed indicator to get a sense of performance. A number below 1.0 mean that the CPU on your Roon core is not powerful enough. Try turning off any DSP and see if the problem goes away.

actually anything below about 1.4 you are going to start seeing issues…below 1 and you are probably 90% not getting anything

If you haven’t already done it, reboot your router and any network switches in the path to your core and to the BlueSound player.

Hi @Bob_Zador,

Have you had a chance to power cycle your router and switches?

@John_Maton also had a great suggestion for isolating the issue.

There is currently a known issue with Bluesound and Roon with pops and dropouts. This too could be the issue. A workaround is to use USB if possible.


Hi John,

Yes I tried power cycling router and switch, also confirmed no DSP filtering is on. Regrettably still have audio drop outs…

Will next try going direct with Hegel and Roon and not using Bluesound and see what happens




I know that both parties (them and Roon) are aware that the issue exists. They normally do major updates towards the end of the year so we should keep our eyes out for that. Alternatively, connecting via USB seems to be something that we have seen get around this

I would also like to confirm what is happening in the logging by enabling remote diagnostics. Can you turn on your core and leave it on? I also would like to know what you were playing when the issue happened, the date, and the time. I’ll then be able to take a peek and see what Roon thinks is going on.

Let me know!


Hi Wes,

Playing Roon today Wednesday 12:14 PM mountain time

Playing Ray LaMontagne song Homecoming from Tidal at 96kHZ , audio keeps on cutting out

Can play any 44.1 kHz tracks just fine with Roon…

When using Bluesound app or Tidal app no problems with Hi Rez tracks

Thanks for your efforts,


Hi @Bob_Zador,

In reviewing the logs, I just can’t see where there’s an issue that is visible to Roon. Can you send me a screen shot of your signal path as this track is playing?


Hi Wes,

Enclosed signal path

Hi @Bob_Zador,

We looked at logs together as a group today and just don’t see an issue. Something might be happening between the Node and the H120. Can you eliminate the Node from the equation and see if the issue persists? If it doesn’t, swapping cables and/or trying an alternate method of connecting the two would be the next step.


Thank You as a group looking into my issue.

When I use the Hegel H120 streaming direct with Roon, it works fine, again when I add back Bluesound I have the issues with MQA files,

I guess I may need to look into another streamer device.

Thank again,


Hi @Bob_Zador,

Both Roon and Bluesound are aware of distortion issues when using some BlueOS devices with Roon. Bluesound may have a fix coming for this in the next couple of months. You might try connecting it to your H120 via a different method as a workaround.


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