ROON audio software update and Network switch

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC8i5BEH, 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz , 256GB SSD M.2 (wired from

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TPlink Archer C5V / AC1200 Ethernet ( gateway)
TPlink Deco M5 mesh system ( gateway)

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic Aries Mini 192.168.68.xx wireless 2.4Ghz,
Topping D90 MQA via USB output from Aries Mini
D90 to integrated amplifier then speaker

Library Size

External 500GB SSD with 15,000 tracks

Description of Issue

The above setup works flawlessly, but today I have faced few songs play for 10 seconds then skip to next, saw a small note that “… hardware problem”, then browse to setting/audio, there’s a small note on audio update , funny after the update, no more skipping , things normal. Not sure what was the update or is it auto update ?

Also I plan to buy a multi-port network switch connect to my Mesh System ( under gateway) in AV room and out for

a) Shield TV
b) Intel NUC for ROCK
c) Sony PlayStation PS4

Is the above plan workable? At one time, only one of the three equipment will run/play.

Would like to hear some advice

Absolutely workable!
I use a 4 port switch in my downstairs music room connected to main router which is upstairs that then feeds my Oppo 103, my Nuc with Rock and my Lumin T2.

Works perfectly all the time.

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Awesome, glad it works for you. Thanks for the wonderful feedback.

Please make it a simple, unmanaged switch… Managed switches tend to cause issues unless you are a networking expert.


I assume the switch you would be using would be a wired switch though and not wireless?

Wireless might work but would not be the recommendation to go with.

Netgear GS105.


Yes, it is a simple, unmanaged switch TP Link LS1005G

It’s wired switch as my previous photo from Mesh System on first post, dedicated gateway 192.168.68.XXX with address reservation for each network equipment.

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Just one thing to note… your mesh network is really a Wifi network and roon highly recommends that a Core machine is directly connected via ethernet - thus implying connect it to one the router’s ethernet ports. Your milage might vary but this is the recommended place to put the Core

ok noted. So far my mesh network works well with my router , one mesh at AV room where my ROCK/NUC , the other mesh is side by side with router. Both mesh is about 10m apart at different room. Roon is working flawlessly.

My Router gateway is
My Mesh gateway is

If I place my NUC on router gateway , then NUC’s IP will be 192.168.1.XXX
And my other Roon Ready devices (Auralic Aries Mini) on Mesh network 192.168.68.XXX, will it work on different gateway?


Try this:

Roon needs all devices in the same address range and and are different so that wont work. if its working keep your fingers crossed it OK.

That’s why all my equipment is sit on Mesh System with similar gateway. They are working perfectly. I can’t move my router to my AV room or exposed ethernet cable unfortunately

Yes, set to AP mode, my first Mesh is direct connected to router via ethernet cable, 2nd mesh is direct connected to audio equipment (Aries Mini, NUC/ROCK).

Mesh 1 ( connected to router (192.168.1 gateway)
Mesh 2 ( connecting audio equipments (NUC/ROCK, Aries Mini, Shield TV Box, PS4 via network switch all at 192.168.1.XXX)

I think the above should work better :slight_smile:

As long as you have an all wired connection from your NUC to the internet and your endpoints are in the same subnet as your core, you should be fine.

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Hello @Auron_Lim,

It’s so great to see (albeit very late - please, accept our apologies for the delay) that you’re engaging on community and finding better ways to use Roon with your system.

I was wondering if at this time there is anything we can help with? :nerd_face:

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