Roon Availability on Astell & Kern

When will Roon be available on Astell&Kern SP1000/SP2000? It was supposed to be ready more than a year ago.


This is something I’d very much like to know myself!


Speak to Astel and Kern. Roon dont comment on Roon Ready devices until they are officially ready for release.

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It is a never ending story:)


If they do finalize Roon for AK, it will be for the newest AK product and not the ‘older’ ones such as the SP1000. That’s my opinion and makes sense from a financial view…

I’ve pretty much given up. That’s why I use my tablet or phone to connect my Roon Core to my DAC. I also do this with my portable WA11 Topaz. There’s no need for an all-in-one DAP anymore to use Roon with.

Maybe that’s what AK realized as well…

I unfortunately bought an AK SP2000 without knowing and it’s pretty useless. I since bought a FiiO M11 Pro Stainless and it’s amazing : Roon, airplay, bidirectional bluetooth, very fast, very good sound. M15 is supposed to be even better
AiK is good if you before the era of streaming… very disapointing and sad; so much money wasted

My view is SP2K is by far superior in SQ compared to M15. I’ve heard both (did A/B) with 2 other friends. Unanimous conclusion.

AK is a pain when it comes to Roon though. Not sure what’s the issue with AK with Roon support.

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Maybe some good new soon

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WOW. And yet, there is still no info on this ‘partnership.’ And my SP1000 is still not a Roon endpoint.


Oh … it seems it was too early :slight_smile: … site has been removed … hehe

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Yea! Thanks for posting.

So I am presuming they won’t be limited to 48/24 as per standard Android.

I hope so. At least that would be a valid reason for the delay :slight_smile:

I just got an email today it will be available March 16th.

Got the latest firmware 1.31CN
In settings, there is a Roon Ready toggle.

Roon worked for me when I opened Tidal on SP2K, and then control it from my iphone or Mac.
I guess this is what Roon ready means.
You won’t be able to control Roon (choose songs, albums etc) from the SP2k. You need a separate Roon remote on an ipad or iphone or Mac.

If anyone found a way to control Roon directly from the SP2k, do share … thanks!

If it’s standard Android OS load the app on to it and use that to control it.

Have you tried ?
I tried many versions of the app but none worked.
Which version worked for your SP2K or SP1K?