Roon backup: issue with Sonos [fix pending]

just triggered a Roon backup while music was playing on my Sonos system -> streaming from Qobuz using Sonos application <-

playback stopped and play queue was cleared :confused:

ok, let’s tag this @support to see if a fix is foreseeable :wink:

I poked at this a little, it’s basically the same problem as this: Music stops (Sonos) when Roon control device is closed or loses connectivty [fix in for next build]

There should be a fix in our next build, whenever that is.

thank you @ben

not sure though it’s the same issue
I mean… I’m fine with playback stopping when Roon takes a snapshot before backup. what I’d like to possibly having fixed is… Roon also clearing Sonos’ playback queue

From my point of view, the problem in both cases is “Roon doesn’t check whether it’s actually playing to Sonos before doing the work of ending a stream (stop, clear queue, some other stuff)”. There’s no reason for Roon to do anything to the Sonos device if it’s not actually playing.

I’ve tested my fix with the Sonos app, it seems to work.

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