Roon Backup keeps 12 instead of 4 backups

I use Roon Backup to do what the name says. I have chosen to do regular backups every 4 days and to keep 4 backups at a maximum. Today I looked at the backups and I found 12 backups instead of 4. Is this by design or a bug?

Hi @jacobacci,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Please also include a screenshot of your backup settings.


Here are the two screenshots

Since my first post, I have manually deleted the oldest 4 of the 12 backups in the list. That’s why you can only see 8 now.

This setting is Core dependent. A specific Core should never touch/manage backups that don’t belong to himself, even if they are – like in your case – stored in the same Roon backup root directory.

So there is ROCK Core (grafik) with last backup date of Sep. 5, 2019 which seems to be no longer active and what seems to be your now used ROCK Core (grafik) from which only three backups are visible in your screenshot (last backup date: Oct. 30, 2019).

To me this looks like working as intended.


Hi @jacobacci,

As stated, it looks like there are a couple of ROCK Cores showing here. Do you have multiple ROCK Cores? Or perhaps did you have to reinstall or start a new database?

I have a suspicion what is going on here.
I listen to music alternatively in two locations, Home 1 and Home 2, with a physically sparate ROCK in each location. So when I move from Home 1 to Home 2, I unauthorize ROCK 1 and authorize ROCK 2. When I move back, I unathorize ROCK 2 and authorize ROCK 2. Could it be that this the “new” ROCK 1 (after I return to Home 1) starts a new backup set?
If yes, what would be the proper way to handle this?

Hi @jacobacci — Do you have backups from both Cores stored at that one location?

Home 1, ROCK 1, Backups on NAS 1
Home 2, ROCK 2, Backups on NAS 2 (100 miles away)

Home 1 is my default installation. This is where I do edits to the Roon library. This is where the backups are relevant.

When I move to Home 2, I take my music with me on an external HD and sync it to NAS2 in Home 2. I also take a copy of the Roon backups from NAS1 in Home 1 with me and copy them to NAS2 in Home 2. I then unauthorize ROCK1, authorize ROCK2 and restore the backup to ROCK2.

I do not do edits in Home 2. Nor do I add music.

When I return to Home 1, I unauthorize ROCK2 and authorize ROCK1. So ROCK1 does not really know ROCK2 exists unless Roon tells it so when I authorize it upon my return.

Hi @jacobacci,

I see that the oldest backups are from Aug 24 to Sep 5, and then the other ROCK backups are all in October. Does this timeframe (early september) match when you would have been moving from one location to the other and switching Cores?

Thanks @dylan
Yes that matches the moving pattern.
Come to think of it, that is also roughly the time I changed hardware of my ROCK. That would of course explain why Roon sees a different ROCK.
I have now deleted all the backups prior to October and I’ll keep a watchful eye on what happens. Hopefully this solves the issue.

Hi @jacobacci,

Yes, that would definitely explain things here. If you see this occur the next time you change locations please let me know and we’ll take a look, but most likely this occurred when hardware changed.

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