Roon Backup - Only seeing Tidal Content

Hi Guy,

I’ve been running Roon on my MacMini for over 1 year.
I just purchased a Roon Nucleus and followed instructions to migrate.
Now the only Content I see on the Nucleus Core is Content I added from TIDAL
None of my previously uploaded files from iTunes or Flac files are visible
If I go back to the Core on the mini I can see them, but not on the Nucleus
What am I missing ?



I’ve been able to go back to the Roon Core on the Mac Mini and add all my iTunes Content, as well as, some other folders with HD tracks, some DSDs and some flac files. I can play all of that Content through the core on the mac mini.

I generated a fresh backup using the Roon utility and tried to restore that to the Nucleus, but I still only see Tidal Content. None of the iTunes content, DSD or Flac files moved over.

Any idea why ?

@m3r David,

I’m not a Nucleus / Rock user so I may be way off base but it sounds to me that your Nucleus does not have access to the local files that your Mac Mini does.

I’m assuming you followed these Migration instructions which include these comments about your local music storage:


Networked storage devices (like a shared folder on a NAS) will work without any further changes after restoring.

For other storage, you will need to edit your current storage settings so that Roon can find this music at a different location. Please follow this guide to do this in a manner that won’t cause your edits/favorites/play history to be lost.

Does your Nucleus have access to the same storage locations you Mac Mini does?

The backup and restore of your Roon database does not backup and restore your physical music files, if they are not on a NAS you need to copy them to a drive your Nucleus has access to. On my Windows 10 core my local content is stored on a local drive:

As I understand it I would have to copy the files in my D:\Music folder to a drive a Nucleus can see if I decided to move my core to a Nucleus. Assuming the storage settings on your Mac Mini point to local content on your Mac Mini you will need to do the same.


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