Roon Backup to Dropbox

Core Machine

Sonicorbiter OS on Audioserver Premium (Vortexbox)

Network Details

LAN Network using Etherregen

Audio Devices


Description of Issue

Wanted to make a backup of the Roon DB to Dropbox with a 2GB storage. Backup interrupts due to failure (not enough space). Could you give support? How many space is necessary for a backup? Thx so much

I have around 13.5k albums and my database takes up almost 35GB, so if the database scales proportionally (and I don’t know that it does) 2GB will be enough for a library of around 770 albums.

From what I’ve read, backup to dropbox doesn’t really work. Even if you have a warm and fuzzy because it appears to work, it’s probably going to let you down if you ever need to restore. I’d recommend using a local USB thumb drive.


Ok … seems it is to small :wink:
Thx for your advice!