Roon backups and other questions

Hello @dylan

  1. Where is the best place to save Roon Backups?
  2. On Deezer, there is a software help called Flux that helps you to listen songs related to the one you like. Where is this kind of option on Roon?
    Thank you

Hey @Rego,

I moved this post over to it’s own thread so we can better assist you here.

Generally we advise that you store your backups on different drive than where your main database is stored. This way if there is an issue with that drive you will have a backup elsewhere in a safe location. You can read more about backups in our KB article.

You should check out our Radio feature in Roon. Roon works to match every song in your library, so we know exactly when each song was released, who played on the song, what label it came out on, what genre it is, and lots, lots more. Our Radio feature uses this metadata to create a personalized station for you, playing similar songs from your collection.