ROON-backups on a USB-device

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

INNUOS - ZENith Mk III - 2TB SSD - Firmware 1.4.1
ROON Version: 1.6 (build 401) stable (64 bit)


Everything works wonderfully !
Also, the back-up of the music library under Innuos works perfectly on a USB HDD.

But there is a problem:
I do not won’t use DropBox !!!

I can not figure out how a ROON backup works on a USB - Stick or a USB HDD ?!

And how should the USB device be formatted ?

And do I have to pay attention otherwise ?


There is an active discussion in another thread:

But it seems to me that until now no solution was found. Maybe you will get some ideas there.

Hi @Tina_Wegner — Thanks for reaching out!

I think the fastest way to resolve this will be to get @Innuos involved — they’ve helped with similar symptoms in the past. Have you spoken with their support team about this issue yet?

We work closely with their team to make sure issues like this are resolved quickly without bouncing Roon members back and forth. Since these devices are not manufactured by us, we don’t have the same level of insight into the hardware, the operating system, their diagnostics, and so on that their support team does.

I’ve tagged their team in this post, but reaching out directly would be a good idea as well since they’ll be able to look into this for you and follow up with our technical team about anything that requires our attention or clarification.

For details on reaching out to Innuos, check out the contact page of their website.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation here, Tina. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about this after speaking with the team over at Innuos, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure this gets resolved for you.

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