Roon becomes slow / unresponsive


200mbit internet connection, Roon core is Ethernet to modem, with google mesh Wifi to iPad.

SLOW, non-Responsive so frequently it’s become the norm.
I have to close Roon on iPad and restart frequently when it doesnt return.

Roon you have customers with performance issues.
This Cloud distributed architecture is a poor experience.

Hi @Paula_Dickerson,

Can you share some details on your Core machine?

Does this behavior occur on other remotes besides the iPad?

HI @Paula_Dickerson,

I wanted to reach out because we’ve just released Roon 1.6 (Build 416). This update includes a fix for some performance problems we believe may be causing some users to experience slowness in Roon. Please give Roon an update and let us know if things have improved for you.

You can read the full release notes here:


Hey Dylan.

The performance is definitely better when I now select an artist and the page loads. I am not seeing that delay and double load any longer.

Speed of light . Much better thanks xx

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