Roon binary blocked by Norton Security for Mac

Norton Security for Mac (Mac OS X El Capitan v. 10.11.4) is blocking Roon via its “Application Blocking.” There doesn’t seem to be a way to add an exclusion for the binary. I have added and accepted opening it many times. It is located at Mac HD/Applications/ You can’t actually choose the final “Roon” binary–it will only let you allow the “,” and that isn’t sufficient. Is there a way to allow Roon to work without entirely disabling Norton Application Blocking? Thank you!

Kevin Voecks

Hi Kevin,

The other process that must not be blocked in order for Roon to work is RAATServer.exe.

This video about allowing processes through Norton Security might help.

Hi Kevin,
You can get to the location beyond the folder by showing the package content in the Finder:
To do so: Right click on the “” and click “Show package content”
Then browse further to the files, that are shown to be blocked by Norton Security.

When you add an exception in Norton Security, simply drag&drop the file from the finder window into the file-browser-window of Norton (where you could only select the, before).,

Another way to navigate within Norton Security beyond could be pressing CMD+Shift+“G” (when in Application folder) and enter “”

If there is more than one file blocked, like RAATServer (that @andybob mentioned in his post), unblock the other files, too.

I can’t test it here as I am not using Norton. Hope this works for you.


Thank you very much–it worked!

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