Roon blank screen after minimising window

@mike - I’m seeing the same thing on my desktop system. Switching back to Roon from another application often (but not always) gives me a blank window in Roon. The workaround of resizing the windows will always restore the graphics.

My desktop system uses an Intel Core i5-4460 CPU (which has Intel HD Graphics 4600 on board). However, my primary graphics hardware is an AMD Radeon R7 200 series card. The AMD driver is the latest released version (not beta) 16.3.2, which has OpenGL Version included (according to the AMD support utility).

Same problem here. Intel HD4000. I tried different set-up with Intel Graphics Control Panel. No go.

Instead of totally minimizing, how about coming up with a mini controller instead where only the music title, back, forward, stop, and rating shows up?

Same issues here. Using Windows 10, latest drivers, Intel HD4000… Roon v1.2… I really hope this gets fixed soon. Our brand new computer bought for Roon is having this issue.

This issue is still present with the latest AMD drivers (I have a Radeon GPU card). My workaround is simply to toggle the window size (e.g. if I’m running in a fullscreen window, click on the “Restore Window” icon, or if I’m running in a smaller window, click on the “Maximise” icon, and then click once more to go back to the size that I was running in). I don’t need to exit Roon to get the graphics back.

This is a computer hardware issue as I understand it.
I just open another desktop when I have Roon live with no performance issues.
So I can rip CD’s and put them into Roon, along with any other computer tasks whilst Roon is running.
This is easy on Windows 10. Chris

Sounds like a Windows driver related issue.
Is this maybe the same issue?

Blank Screen after minimizing Roon

I just updated the driver to the latest for HD 4000, but same deal. And yes, it looks like the same problem.

BTW, I’m finishing off a review for TechHive (IDG/PCWorld) that’s about Roon, but specifically in relation to using a NAS box as a server.

Windows 10. I can get the control/player app to work fine, but the minute it’s hidden or obscured, when I access it again, there’s a window frame but only blank white where the interface should be. It will continue the play if I set it to doing that.

Roon server is running on a QNAP HS-251, gigabit network. I had the twin Ethernet ports load balancing, but even with that disabled, I still have the issue. There is a fair amount of network traffic, but this isn’t just a slow or deferred redraw, it’s a never-happen.

Hi Jon,
I’ve moved your post into here with the other reports.

These’s also so things to try in this FAQ topic …

When I minimize Roon and reopen it, all I see is a blank screen, what’s going on?

Experiencing the same issue as everyone else, integrated graphics and no solution in sight…

OS: Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Processor: Intel i3-3220
Graphics: HD Graphics 2500
Driver Version: (Latest) - 5/13/2016
Resolution: 1920 x 1200

Would it be a good idea to compare specs and find a deeper correlation?

I Have to restart roon client on windows 10. I am running roon server on a mac 1.2 154b. I am running roon client to control playback on a windows 10 home 64bit with all updates. Roon client on win 10 is 2.1 154b.
I open roon client and all is well. I leave in background and switch apps all is fine. If i minimize roon client and bring back up the roon window is blank. I must close roon client and reopen then all is fine unless I minimize client again. Mac server works fine and plays as expected and not affected and does not require any intervention. No error messages on windows client.

I’m afraid this is a known problem on some Windows systems. It is an issue with the (Intel) graphics driver. On some machines (e.g. mine), there is a workaround - just change the window size from fullscreen to windowed and back (or vice versa), and this clears the blank screen. It doesn’t work on all systems though.

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Sorry I missed that, thankx for the reply!

I’ve merged the posts into the existing support topic.

Just reawakening this old thread to say that I’ve sorted the blank screen issue on my desktop PC. It has both Intel Graphics and a Radeon graphics card installed.

The trick was to create a profile for Roon within the AMD Radeon Settings application, and in that profile switch ON the OpenGL Triple Buffering setting. Now minimising Roon no longer produces a blank screen when the window is reopened.

As an aside, I’ve rewritten the section on configuring Radeon graphics card settings here - it was referring to the AMD Catalyst Control Center application, and that has long since been replaced by a completely redesigned AMD Radeon Settings application.


That’s awesome @Geoff_Coupe – thanks for letting everyone know, and for updating the documentation as well.

Just as a note, I discussed this issue in a little more detail here:

I know I am re-opening this thread again and I know there is much correspondence and suggestions regarding this issue. I get the white/blank screen and have tried all suggestions to fix it. My Dell XPS 8700 system only has a Radeon R9 200 card with no integrated graphics. I have tried Geoff_Coupe’s suggestions for configuring the Radeon card settings but to no avail.The latest incarnation of the Radeon settings offers many features that can be turned on or off in addition to the OpenGL buffering. I think I read about one other user with a Radeon-only graphics card who experienced the problem and I believe he had (like me) a Dell XPS system. Is there anyone else out there with a Radeon graphics card and no integrated graphics who has (or does not have) the Roon blank screen problem and what kind of computer are you running it in?

It certainly is a very annoying problem and thanks for anybody’s additional input.

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I have a Dell XPS 8900 and a Radeon R9370 and no integrated graphics and still have the same problem. I added a profile for Roon with OpenGL Triple Buffering but still have the same problem.

Problem is gone after upgrading Radeon software to 17.10.1711


To resolve the blank screen after minimizing issue, I’m considering upgrading my older Lenovo IdeaCenter Q-190 PC with integrated Intel HD Graphics (version number unknown) to a Lenovo ThinkCenter M700 Tiny with integrated Intel HD 530 Graphics, and a 256GB SSD.

I absolutely love the small/tiny form factor (7” x 7.2” x 1.4”) of this PC.

Can Roon confirm this new Lenovo PC with integrated Intel HD 530 Graphics will properly display/redraw Roon content after the Roon window is minimized or should I look elsewhere for a new Roon core computer?

Confoundingly, some other models of the Lenovo ThinkCenter line of PC’s list only integrated graphics (no mfg. or model number). How do I insure I don’t purchase a new PC that exhibits the problem I’m trying to solve.