Roon blank screen after minimising window

I have the same problem. It seems to be on machines with integrated Intel HD graphics. Mine is 4000 series but I know of another case with 4600 series. Latest driver hasn’t helped me, but worth trying Intel Update Utility.

My current workaround is not to minimize the app :slight_smile:

I’m getting the exact same white screen behavior on an i5 MacBook Pro, so I don’t think it’s at all indicative of a hardware performance issue, I just haven’t taken the time to troubleshoot it. I should add this is in Windows 8/Bootcamp, not OS X.

Display bug…
I start playing an album in Roon then minimize to taskbar. When I restore, Roon does not refresh it’s window. I get a border with blank (white) fill.

Computer: Dell Inspriron 20 AIO
OS: Windows 8.1
Ram: 4.00 GB
Processor: Intel N3540 @ 2.16 GHz
Video: Intel HD Graphics

I see this behavior on a Dell 23" All in One, with Intel 4600 graphics and no extra video card.

Everyone who is experiencing this problem, once the Window is restored and is in this white state, if you resize it, does everything come back to life?

Unfortunately not.
But if I downsize the window in the white state and then enlarge it again, it adds a black area instead of white :-o

Same results: resizing does not fix it, and sizing up gives black unpainted regions.

This has been a common issue on resource/graphics intensive Windows 7/8 apps for a while. I’ve seen a similar white screen in Outlook 2013 a handful of times, so it’s not limited to Roon. There’s some graphics settings buried in Outlook that fixed it for me.

I am experiencing the same issue with Roon 1.1 with latest Intel HD4000 drivers. No discrete graphics card. Anyone have any ideas?

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@danny - On Windows 10 it does restore the window if I even slightly re-size. But doesn’t correct it for good, another minimize and its blank gain.

What kind of graphics card? I’m pretty sure it’s Intel, but is there a secondary card you can tell Roon to use?

Are you running the latest drivers for your card? We’ve heard a few reports that they’ve finally addressed this.

@mike - graphics card is AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (I have the latest drivers installed) using DisplayPort.

it may be affecting those of us with two graphics cards. I have an Intel HD4000 plus nVidia GT630. Latest drivers. Thunderbolt off of motherboard to Apply 27inch TB display (the latest one), 2X 24 inch connected to nVidia via HDMI and DVI respectively.

If I minimize Roon to the taskbar, when I restore it to the desktop the graphics do not restore - it is white with a black band at the bottom. (I’m using the “dark” theme.") So I exit Roon and restart it - all’s well. Is that just me?

See @kevin’s post above and if you’re still stuck, let us know the basics of setup.

Roon version 1.1 (build 102) stable (64bit)
Windows 10 Pro (version 1511)
Acer Aspire V; 8.0 GB ram; Intel video 4000; i5-3337U CPU @1.80 GHz); Plugable Display Port adapter UGA-4Kdp (running second monitor from USB 3.0)
Music stored on Roon Server (separate Windows Server 2012 R2 machine)

I just updated the video drivers - no help.

I have had exactly the same problem for a long time. Unfortunately I haven’t found any solution to this :disappointed:

Roon version 1.1 (build 102) stable (64bit)
Windows 10 Home
Samsung Ultrabook NP530U3C; Intel HD Graphics 4000; i5-3317U

Seems like a small blemish in an otherwise fantastic product. Nevertheless, I would like to be able to minimize Roon and then re-open it. Any more thoughts?

Hi, after minimizing Roon, when I reopen it I see a blank screen. When that happens if I click on restore or maximize the screen is restored and will remain even after being minimized.

I understand that this has been attributed to Intel GPU’s but my dell XPS desktop as an AMD Radeon R9370. This problem happens sometimes. I have the latest AMD driver according to Windows.