Roon blocked by AVG, please help

I have a Win 10 PC running Roon core, getting feeds from Tidal and hosting my music files inside this PC. And streaming to a number of devices around the house, especially a Win Server 2012R2 headless PC that drives my music system, controlled from my Android phone (Roon app). All this was working flawlessly with AVG Free enabled in the Win 10 PC. Recently I “upgraded” to AVG Internet Security (Multi-Device) subscription and Roon doesn’t work anymore. The Roon core doesn’t see other devices, nor does my phone app gets connected to the core. I tried creating an exception in AVG, but haven’t been successful. I’m attaching a print screen of the exceptions.

How can I solve this?

Thank you!

This will possibly be a firewall issue rather than the program being prevented from launching. You need to create the appropriate exceptions in the firewall settings if there are any.

Hi @Horacio_Lewinski,

If you temporarily disable AVG along with the normal Windows firewall does that get things working?

I was able to solve this with AVG support. Here’s a copy/paste of the solution for others to access in the future:

We’re glad to look into this & help you.
Sometimes, this might happen if the firewall settings are not modified to allow the app to access internet or share files.
In this regard, let us initially disable AVG Firewall temporarily to check if it helps. To do so : Open AVG - Hacker Attacks - Disable Enhanced firewall by clicking on the toggle bar.
If it allows you to access the app, follow the below steps to modify firewall settings :
Open AVG - Menu - Settings - Full protection - Enhanced Firewall - Enable Internet connection sharing.
Additionally, click on System rules that is available in the same page & enable the 1st two options : Windows file & printer sharing, remote desktop connections.
Please try the above steps & let us know the outcome.

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