Roon Bridge added to LibreELEC over RPi. Anybody done it yet?

(Nicolas Will) #1

Has anyone already added a Roon Bridge to an OpenELEC install on a Raspberry Pi 2/3?

I’m embarking on my own effort, and, after eliminating a few bashisms in the scripts, I am bumping into an ALSA challenge.

Before I go any further, has anyone already done it or attempted it?

It would make a nice additional zone without having to add another piece of equipment

(Nicolas Will) #2

I managed to make it work!

I just needed to get ALSA to behave normally by turning audio ON in config.txt. Both Roon Bridge and Kodi are happy.

A bit more buffer in the Roon device config got rid of the dropouts (using Wifi on this device).

I need to make it start automatically now, probably just a Google away.

Last thing to sort is the multiple Bridge scripts believing that the Bash shell is available because they only test for the existence of /bin/bash which is a link to busybox, which does not like bashisms. I can manually change the scripts, but I have to do it at every Bridge update…

(Shane Tregurtha) #3

Hi Nicolas, I am trying this with LibreELEC (successor of OpenELEC) …However, I cant get past the install RoonBridge install stage.

When I enter the following: sudo ./
I get: “There is no working ‘sudo’.” …“With LibreELEC you have root access by default, so you dont need ‘sudo’”

When I remove sudo: ./
I get: “This installer must be run with root privileges. Exiting.”

…Even though I am SSH’d using root…???

Not sure if the same happened for you with OpenELEC? …If so, how did you get around it?


(Nicolas Will) #4

Sorry, I can’t say that I’ve had this issue!

(Shane Tregurtha) #5

Sweet as, might put my question to LibreELEC themselves - cheers


When you ran the command
$ chmod +x

did that execute ok? Could be a permissions issue.

(Shane Tregurtha) #7

Yes, that executed okay.

From what I read, it sounds like LibreELEC have locked down a fair of the file system to read-only. I’m not a Linux guy, so I’m not 100% sure if this is the case, or If I can do anything to change it…

(Philippe Félix) #8

Same problem here. I want to use the same Raspberry as a Plex Media Player and a Roonbridge. I thus install Plex Media Player (which is based on LibreELEC), but when I try to use RoonBridge scripts, the OS says I don’t need to use sudo, and when I dont, the scripts says I must run it as sudo. If I comment the sudo check in the script, some other problems occur later.

Any help on this would be welcome.


(Philippe Félix) #9

I encounter the same issue when I try to install Roonbridge on an OpenPHT Odroid C2 distribution.
It as also based on LibreELEC, so I cannot run the Roonbridge script using sudo.
And when I try to run it without sudo, I get the following message:
" Error: This installer must be run with root privileges. Exiting."

Based on this post’s follow-up, I guess it is of no interest for Roon developers. So sad.


(Marc Abis) #10

Did anyone ever get this working? I was able to get the script to run on libreelec after commenting out the root checks since libreelec is root already. I unfortunately get stuck here.

Checking for Binary Compatibility [ FAILED ]
Checking for ALSA Libraries [ FAILED ]

ALSA should be enabled in my flash/config.txt with dtparam audio=on


It is possible to install docker images under LibreELEC thanks to the docker-addon.
I installed a roon-server docker image on my Intel NUC a few days ago and it works without any problems so far.
So it could be possible on this way to install roon-bridge on the Raspberry !?