Roon Bridge added to LibreELEC over RPi. Anybody done it yet?

Has anyone already added a Roon Bridge to an OpenELEC install on a Raspberry Pi 2/3?

I’m embarking on my own effort, and, after eliminating a few bashisms in the scripts, I am bumping into an ALSA challenge.

Before I go any further, has anyone already done it or attempted it?

It would make a nice additional zone without having to add another piece of equipment

I managed to make it work!

I just needed to get ALSA to behave normally by turning audio ON in config.txt. Both Roon Bridge and Kodi are happy.

A bit more buffer in the Roon device config got rid of the dropouts (using Wifi on this device).

I need to make it start automatically now, probably just a Google away.

Last thing to sort is the multiple Bridge scripts believing that the Bash shell is available because they only test for the existence of /bin/bash which is a link to busybox, which does not like bashisms. I can manually change the scripts, but I have to do it at every Bridge update…

Hi Nicolas, I am trying this with LibreELEC (successor of OpenELEC) …However, I cant get past the install RoonBridge install stage.

When I enter the following: sudo ./
I get: “There is no working ‘sudo’.” …“With LibreELEC you have root access by default, so you dont need ‘sudo’”

When I remove sudo: ./
I get: “This installer must be run with root privileges. Exiting.”

…Even though I am SSH’d using root…???

Not sure if the same happened for you with OpenELEC? …If so, how did you get around it?


Sorry, I can’t say that I’ve had this issue!

Sweet as, might put my question to LibreELEC themselves - cheers

When you ran the command
$ chmod +x

did that execute ok? Could be a permissions issue.

Yes, that executed okay.

From what I read, it sounds like LibreELEC have locked down a fair of the file system to read-only. I’m not a Linux guy, so I’m not 100% sure if this is the case, or If I can do anything to change it…

Same problem here. I want to use the same Raspberry as a Plex Media Player and a Roonbridge. I thus install Plex Media Player (which is based on LibreELEC), but when I try to use RoonBridge scripts, the OS says I don’t need to use sudo, and when I dont, the scripts says I must run it as sudo. If I comment the sudo check in the script, some other problems occur later.

Any help on this would be welcome.


I encounter the same issue when I try to install Roonbridge on an OpenPHT Odroid C2 distribution.
It as also based on LibreELEC, so I cannot run the Roonbridge script using sudo.
And when I try to run it without sudo, I get the following message:
" Error: This installer must be run with root privileges. Exiting."

Based on this post’s follow-up, I guess it is of no interest for Roon developers. So sad.


Did anyone ever get this working? I was able to get the script to run on libreelec after commenting out the root checks since libreelec is root already. I unfortunately get stuck here.

Checking for Binary Compatibility [ FAILED ]
Checking for ALSA Libraries [ FAILED ]

ALSA should be enabled in my flash/config.txt with dtparam audio=on

It is possible to install docker images under LibreELEC thanks to the docker-addon.
I installed a roon-server docker image on my Intel NUC a few days ago and it works without any problems so far.
So it could be possible on this way to install roon-bridge on the Raspberry !?

I got it to work.

I installed ffmpeg and audio-tools through kodi’s add on system.
Then I downloaded the manual install and ran and it worked.
Still need to figure out how to start it on boot.

Not sure why but the easy installer don’t think the system is compatible.
The error most people are getting with root is because the script assumes you are user is root if you user id is 0, for some reason it’s not. It can simple be disable by opening the the script and add an # before the exit line in the area where the error message is.

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did you end up getting the armv7 or armv8 version of roon bridge to work?
can you specify what you installed via the add on system?
with arm8 i keep getting
Checking for Binary Compatibility [ FAILED ]
Checking for ALSA Libraries [ FAILED ]

Anyone who has Libreelec kodi 19 running with RoonBridge? It was working just fine on Libreelec kodi 18, as instructed here.

On kodi 19, vc4-hdmi1 card can be enabled, but cannot be used, is not found. Airplay does play a track, but does not give sound. USB and headphone jack do work.