Roon Bridge app on my iMac does not open.

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I use a Roon Nucleus for the Roon Core, the software was updated a few days ago. Yesterday, I downloaded the Roon Bridge app to my Apple iMac (OS Ventura 13.2.1). I then dragged the dmg file to the application folder, which then shows up as". However, the app will not open. I have gone though this exercise several times, but the never opens. I want to connect my iMac to the Core on the Nucleus, so what do I do?

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Roon bridge is a background service it has no front end. It should just start and you should then see it under the Roon apps audio section and enable it. There is no configuration on the bridge itself. Are you not seeing it appear ?

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Are you sure you want to use Roon Bridge and that it isn’t opening? Roon Bridge has no GUI, it is just to create a Roon endpoint on a computer, e.g. if it has a DAC attached. (If you check the Mac’s Activity Monitor, you will probably find that it’s actually running)

It seems to me that you want to control the Nucleus from your Mac, with all the pretty Roon interface. In this case, you want to install the Roon app, not Roon Bridge.

Go to Downloads - Roon Labs and click:

Which will download Roon.dmg

Or if you scroll down on that page, you want the stuff I marked in green, not the ones in red:


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