Roon Bridge at 1.7... quite a jump!

Since when is Roon Bridge on a Pi at 1.7? I thought it was 1.0 something

Is this correct?:

@support look odd.

Roon Bridge version jumped with the release of B571, at least on my one device.

others are still showing 1.0

I have two Ropieee bridges and they are both showing version 1.7 build 571 since the last update.

They have probably changed version numbering then, or maybe it’s an error while trying to fix “There was an error checking for an update” that Roon Bridges used to display :smile:

Is this correct Sms-200 Roon Ready version: 1.1.38

Yes, I think RAAT is 1.1.38 presently. RAAT version is not touched by Roon. It’s the device (firmware) that contain RAAT code (supplied by Roon of course). Roon Bridge is a download from Roon. Both use RAAT as the transport protocol, but Bridge is more generic. The microRendu I owned, like your Sms-200 is RAAT, while RoPieee on my Pi4 is Roon Bridge

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Build 571 is the latest version for Roon Bridge we have available, this change was so that the build numbers between Roon and Roon Bridge are closer aligned. If you are still stuck on version 1.0 of Roon Bridge and have issues updating, please open a thread in #support.

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