Roon bridge connection unstable

I’m running a simple set up with my core on a 2019 4k 6 core i5 8gb ram 256ssd 21.5 inch imac wired in ethernet and a roon bridge on a mac air m1 connected to a chord dave by usb for headphone listening at my desk. The new mac air on wifi has roon bridge installed and i find while playing music all is fine and it performs well and shows up on audio settings as part of my small network. The problem arises when i stop playing music and after a few minutes the mac air vanishes from a device under audio settings in roon.

I then have to reconnect it by pressing a button on the laptop. The display is always on on the laptop and i’ve tried every combination of energy and display settings to stop the mac air from sleeping. It spoils the music listening as every time i have to manually reconnect the laptop to roon if i take a short pause from playing music. I have a feeling this might be more a mac air issue than a roon issue but i could be wrong here. Any assistance would be great.

Hey @musickid,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and for your patience while we returned to work after the weekend :pray:

We appreciate you letting us know of the experience you’re currently having with Roon - I can see how it can be less than desirable…

You had mentioned trying different settings on your devices, is by any chance Put hard disks to sleep when possible checked? If so, could you please uncheck it?

Thanks in advance :nerd_face:

Hi it is unchecked. I’m finding that if i leave the lid in open position with the screen dimmed the roon bridge connection is stable. However with the lid most of the way down with the screen dimmed the roon bridge connection is lost shortly after the music stops. Seems a bit odd. Should it act this way?

Hey @musickid,

Thanks for the quick reply.

You’ve actually discovered what it is: when the lid is closed more than a certain angle, the laptop goes to sleep. It can be confusing, as the M1 Air wakes up from sleep periodically when the lid is closed; this means that your Air appears and disappears from Roon.

Checking online, it seems that your Mac can be still on and with the lid closed, if you set the energy saving for the display to never and you connect it to an external monitor. See here, for example.

Hi there,

This makes sense however i checked prevent your computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off and i still loose roon bridge connection in the way described above?

Hey @musickid,

This is expected :nerd_face: . As I had mentioned in the above post, it is not enough just to enable the setting - you’d need an external monitor connected as well. Or, keeping your lid open :blush:

I’ll keep the lid open with dimmed screen. It’s important for me for my source to be battery powered no mains. Many thanks.

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