Roon bridge not finding Oppo 205

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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon core runs on a Mac Mini with SSD and sends files successfully to a Sonore microRendu via MESH ethernet; the microRendu passes the files to an Ayre Codex via USB. Core is version 1.6, build 416; Bridge runs on an iMac (OS 10.14.5) and is version 1, build 161.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
A Cox Panoramic router provides an ethernet port directly to an Oppo 205 and via MESH to an Ayre QX-5 digital hub.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Roon bridge running on an iMac (OS 10.14.5) shows the microRendu and QX-5 as networked devices, and sends files successfully to the Ayre digital hub – Roon core running on the Mac Mini sends files successfully to the microRendu.

Description Of Issue
Roon bridge lists the QX-5 and microRendu as networked devices, but not the Oppo 205. The QX-5 and Oppo 205 share a rack, but no connections. Disabling the QX-5 did not result in Roon bridge listing the Oppo 205. I moved the microRendu upstairs and connected it to ethernet from the Cox Panoramic and its USB output to the Oppo 205; Roon bridge no longer listed the microRendu as a networked device. I reconnected the microRendu to the Ayre Codex; Roon bridge again listed it as networked device. The Oppo 205 was updated and rebooted within the week. I believe the menu settings are appropriate.

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Hi @Don_Bell,

Can you please let me know if the Oppo 205 works as expected when bypassing the microRendu and having it connected directly to the Core via USB?

As far as I am aware, for the microRendu to show up in the settings, you would need to have your DAC powered on and connected to the proper input. If the initial USB test to the Core directly is successful, can you please verify this aspect and try re-connecting it to the microRendu?

(Don Bell) #4

Core runs 24/7 on a Mac Mini downstairs in the living room; the Oppo 205 is upstairs in the media room. I can bring the Mac Mini up to the media room, but I recall trying to send files from core directly to an Ayre Codex via USB. The Codex did not show as a device and no music played. Ethernet to the microRendu connected via USB to the Codex immediately showed the microRendu as a device and music flowed.

IIRC, while the microRendu was connected to the Oppo 205, the Oppo was on and its input was set to USB Audio In. I can try reconnecting the microRendu to assure that I recalled correctly.

Note: One of the MESH modules sits next to my iMac, so it would be trivial to connect the iMac to the ethernet rather than WiFi. I suppose I could run Roon core on the general-purpose iMac if that might be of value. Given the whole-home network via 3 MESH units, one of which is connected directly to a Panoramic ethernet port, the Mac Mini might not be necessary. I use an iPad to control Roon in the living room, the iMac in the media room. I’m sure there are devices in the house, e.g., the iPad and printer, that rely on WiFi. Can the iMac be connected to both ethernet and WiFi?

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In a previous setup, I ran USB from the iMac directly to an Ayre DX-5 DSD, successfully using Roon bridge. Sending a file to the Ayre DX-5 DSD switched it from standby to on. Sending a file to the Oppo 205 also switches it from standby to on, even though it doesn’t play the file. A cable from the iMac to the Oppo would be 30’, a distance greater than recommended for USB cable. The Ayre DX-5 DSD is derived from the Oppo 95.

(Don Bell) #6

Amazon sells an active 10 meter USB cable that gets good reviews from users. Could I use that to connect USB directly from the iMac to the Oppo 205?

(Don Bell) #7

With the Mac Mini connected directly to the Oppo 205 via USB, Roon core and bridge both show the Oppo 205 as an endpoint connected directly to Roon core, but the file is played by the Ayre OX-5 digital hub that’s connected to the ethernet. The Oppo is on and the USB input is selected.


(Noris) #8

Hi @Don_Bell,

Let me address a few of your points here:

You can connect it via both, but Ethernet is always preferred for stability reasons. Since these are two separate network adapters, it is possible that you will receive two IP addresses from your router when both are active, and this may confused some applications for routing network packets. I would recommend to temporarily disable the WiFi when using Ethernet or have Ethernet set as the first priority on OSX if it is not already.

I have sometimes seen long USB cables cause issues, and this is beyond the recommended distance as you noted. I can’t say for sure if it will work properly but it may be worth a try if we narrow down the issue further.

Just to make sure I am understanding this part correctly here, you are saying that when you try outputting to the Oppo 205 which is connected via USB to the Core/Bridge, that the audio is actually being routed to the Ayre QS-5 instead of being routed to the Oppo? Have you made sure to select the Oppo Zone prior to initiating the playback? Are you trying to output standard 44.1/16 files or does this issue only affect DSD files?

(Don Bell) #9

I changed the name of the Oppo connection to Oppo 205 and that of the Ayre connection to QX-5, and selected Oppo 205. The file played through the Oppo. But that’s with the Mac Mini connected to the USB input of the Oppo. Now we need a solution that doesn’t require the Mini be in the media room. The active USB cable might be worth a try. Re setting ethernet as the first priority on OSX, what’s OSX? I just discovered that selecting the Ayre activated the Ayre but did not turn off the Oppo. My frustration grows.


(Don Bell) #10

I’ve now returned to Roon core successfully sending files to a microRendu that passes USB to an Ayre Codex and Roon bridge successfully sending files to an Ayre QX-5 Twenty digital hub. I think I’m going to use a Bryston SP3 processor instead of the Oppo 205. My motivation for a third Roon endpoint is a more energy efficient setup: microRendu/Bryston SP3/NAD M22 Class D amp.

(Noris) #11

Hi @Don_Bell,

By OSX I was referring to your Mac Mini.

Since this issue is only affecting your RoonBridge device from what it appears, I wonder if there is a firewall on the RoonBridge is impacting device discovery.

Since the MicroRendu & Ayre are networked endpoints, they should show up when connected via Ethernet, but if the OSX firewall has not been configured properly, USB connected devices to the RoonBridge would not appear.

I would use these instructions from Apple to double check this aspect, in addition to verifying any other firewall applications allow proper Roon communication if you wish to take another look at using the RoonBridge for your Oppo.

(Don Bell) #12

In a previous setup the iMac was connected to an Ayre DX-5 DSD via a 15’ USB cable, and Roon bridge sent files to it. I may try the 30 meter powered USB from Amazon, but I’m losing interest and may just rely on the iMac to Ayre QX-5 digital hub via ethernet for music. The sound with that link is superb.

But thanks for your help.


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