Roon Bridge not releasing audio device when ungrouping + 2 visual flaws

Roon Core Machine

Fedora Server 37 // Intel NUC10i3FNH // 16GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

3x Raspberry PI 4 // Raspberry OS Bullseye 64bit

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

1. Roon Bridge not releasing audio device
I run Raspberry Pis as endpoints running Roon Bridge. Everything is working fine so far but I recognized that sometimes I cannot stream to the Pi using Airplay 2 via Shairport Sync. I found out that after I reset or remove a group of players Roon Bridge keeps the audio device busy.

If I start playback via Roon and stop it for one endpoint I can then use Airplay. If I add an endpoint to a group and remove it I cannot use airplay afterwards on the removed device:

shairport-sync: warning: The output device "default" is busy and can't be used by Shairport Sync at present.

pi@pi-schlafzimmer:/ $ sudo fuser /dev/snd/*
/dev/snd/pcmC0D0p:     866
pi@pi-schlafzimmer:/ $ sudo ps aux | grep 866
root         866  0.6  3.2 1469656 62204 ?       Sl   Dez27  17:08 RAATServer --debug --gc=sgen --server RAATServer.exe

Long story short: If I stop playback to a Roon Bridge endpoint the audio device gets released. If I remove a device from a group it does not. Is there a way that Roon Bridge releases the device if there is no playback?

Backslash in iOS app
If there are cornered brackets in a song title you get a backslash within the mini player.

Calculation in signal path instead of result
In the ARC iOS app within the signal path sometimes the formula is shown instead of the result.


Hi @MichaelS,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response from Roon.

We want to look into your issues and need to narrow down a date/time/track played scenario in the diagnostics. Can you please duplicate for the first issue and let me know this information? We’ll dig deeper and get back to you.

As for your other questions/points, we will be putting in a ticket to look at the odd formatting in the signal path. We suspect it’s relevant to translation but need to further isolate it.


Hi Wes,

thanks a lot for your response. Just to make sure - you want me to open a 2nd thread for the 1st issue? The date/time/track played information is kind of irrelevant for the issue. Here’s a scenario.

1x Roon Core
1x Roon App
2 endpoints running Roon Bridge

  1. Start playing a track on endpont A.
  2. Add endpoint B to the playback group.
  3. Remove endpoint B from the playback group.
    → Audio device on endpoint B is locked now and cannot be accessed by other processes.
  4. Start playing a track on endpoint B.
  5. Stop playing the track.
    → Audio device got released and is accessible by other processes again.


Hi @MichaelS,

Having this information will allow us to see what’s happening in diagnostic logging.


Hi @Wes,

I uploaded the logs of the server and endpoint via the upload form as described here. The file is called

I executed the scenario listed in my former post and started at 8:42 PM (Today=February 2nd). The track was "Separate Ways (World’s Apart) by Daughtry and Lzzy Hale.


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Hi @MichaelS,

Thank you for that. I’ve created a task for us to review with development. We’ll get back to you with our findings. One thing though. The Roon Bridge log stops at 20:39. We might need to see a new upload with updated data for the relevant time frame.


Maybe I’m blind - I just went through the steps again and there are no new lines for the time frame in the RoonBridge log once again. However there are entries in the RAATServer log file which should be included in the first upload as well. Is this correct?

Hi @MichaelS,

You are correct. I will review this with my team tomorrow and let you know our findings.


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Any update here?

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