Roon bridge not working

I have sonic Transporter i5 and an oppo 205UDP 2x Linn 5125s and monitor audio GR 20s . In another room is my Macbook pro and a bluetooth speaker so i can zone the same music around the house…This has been working well but now the audio set up section cannot see the MacBook and the bluetooth speaker so I cant incorporate it into a zone. I have rebooted everything twice…inc the router. In the audio set-up section “apple TV” has appeared…via Airplay and something called “Airscreen via chromecast”. I am baffled …I dont use these…I didnt request them…how did they get there and where is my Macbook pro and bluetooth?

Hi …to update this problem…I have sorted the apple tv and air screen issues…they are gone (they came from Amazon Fire TV apps). But although all devices are appearing on my hub manager Roon bridge isn’t working as the audio settings do not display the MacBookPro and bluetooth items. I have Roon in the latest iteration and stable. iPad remote is 64 …and visible by Roon. This must be a local network problem surely but I cant sort it out.

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Thanks Slim,

Hello @Ian_Clark, and thanks for your report! To clarify, you’ll want to be playing to system output and connect your machine to the Bluetooth device. I also wanted to confirm that you have both Roonbridge and Roon installed on the Macbook Pro? Lastly, do you see if difference if you temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus?

Ah… I no longer have Roon on Macbook Pro. Will download. Firewall etc no difference. I don’t fully understand the relationship between Roon on my Sonictransporter and Roon on MacBook Pro, and Roon Bridge. I will check it out again. Thank you.

Hi again Nuwriy,

Sorry, this was a firewall issue. I thought I had turned BT Virus Protect off…it switched itself on again I guess! It has been a problem in other ways too so I have ditched it completely. I reloaded everything and hey-presto I am drinking a G&T whilst listening to Brad Meldhau through the Roon Bridge. Thanks for your help.

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Hey @Ian_Clark, I’m glad you found a solution! Please let us know if you need help again.