Roon Bridge on armv7hf not working after update to Build 880

Roon Core Machine

MacOs BigSur 11.6.2 Macbook Pro Late 2013 16GB

Roon Bridge

BeagleBone Black - Either Debian 9.9 and 10.3

Description of Issue

After the last update of the RoonBridge (build 880) along with RoonServer (builds 882 and 884) I can no longer use Roon as I always did. It is not a problem on the firewall because it is turned off, and has always been. My BBB does not show up as an Audio Device alternative in my Audio Zones. It shows up in Settings-About, but not as an Audio Zone.

Just to be sure, I installed a Roon Bridge on another laptop running Ubuntu 21.10 and it shows up as expected on the list of available audio zones.

I believe it is a problem on the new version of the RoonBridge for armv7hf.

I tested the armv7hf on a Raspberry Pi3 and it worked. It seems to be specific for BeagleBone Blacks or alikes.

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