Roon Bridge on Mac not working

Hi there,

I’ve just acquired a new speaker for the room where my computer is and so would like to use RoonBridge so my computer’s audio output can be synced with my Roon-ready Linn streamers elsewhere in the house. I’ve currently got System Output enabled, so when I can play Roon through the new speaker.

What I can’t do is group the computer with the Linns. I’ve downloaded RoonBridge and it says it’s running, but in Audio settings my computer still isn’t visible as a networked device.

Any ideas?

Thanks and best wishes,


Hi @Josh_Raymond,

Linn devices are only able to be grouped with other Linn devices for playback so you will not be able to group it with the System Output of your computer.

Thanks for the quick reply Dylan. That’s a shame about the grouping but hey ho.

One more question: my understanding is that Built-In Output has better SQ than System Output, because Roon can run in Exclusive Mode. But I only seem to be able to connect to my Bluetooth speaker via System Output - when I select Built-In Output it only plays through the computer speakers. Is it that Built-In Output require a wired connection?

Hi @Josh_Raymond,

Take a look at this post that explains the difference between Build-In Output and System Output:

If you’re wanting to use your Bluetooth device, you’ll need to use System Output.

Noted, thanks. So if I run a wired connection from the Mac to the speaker could I then use built-in output?

Sorry if these are stupid questions. Love music, not so good with computers!

Hi @Josh_Raymond,

Yes, if there are connected speakers you should be able to play to them using built-in output.

Hi Dylan,

That doesn’t seem to work. I have a B&W Zeppelin Wireless connected with a headphone cable to an Audioquest Dragonfly plugged into a USB out on my computer. System Output now won’t enable. Built-in output does, but still plays through the computer speakers instead of the Dragonfly/Zeppelin. The Mac’s audio output is set to use the Dragonfly, so computer sound comes out of the Zeppelin fine.

Any ideas?


Hi @Josh_Raymond,

The best option here is to select the Dragonfly as your zone instead of the Build-In output. Do you see the dragonfly in Settings > Audio?

No, it’s not there. I just see system output and built-in output. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Dragonfly.

Hi @Josh_Raymond,

Do you have any active firewall on the RoonBridge machine? If you disable it does the Dragonfly show as a device in Roon?

I have firewall switched off.

Working now!

It might have been restarting the computer with the Dragonfly connected that fixed it.

Know that I’m embarrassed…

Hi @Josh_Raymond,

I’m glad to hear that that is working for you! If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out.

I take it there aren’t any plans on the part of Linn or anyone else to have Linn streamers be able to group with other devices? Would be very nice to tie this room in with the rest of the house.

First world problems right?

Hi @Josh_Raymond,

Roon plays to Linn devices using a different method than other endpoints, so for that reason we are not able to group Linn devices with other zones. We appreciate your feedback though, Josh. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the team.