Roon Bridge on OS-X

Is it possible to run Roon Bridge on a Mac and also Roon? I would like to have the service running regardless of whether or not I am using the Mac. It’s a multi-user machine and running Bridge as a service not tied to a user account would be great.

all that Bridge does is make the computer it is running on a Roon endpoint (for Roon Core or Server running on another machine)
it doesn’t watch/manage you music collection


I suspect Peter means RoonServer, which does run the Roon core.

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Nope, I want to run Roon Bridge to drive the DAC separately from the Roon client used to browse the server. My server is running on Linux on a separate machine.

I see.

I don’t know the answer to that. I would just install and run RoonBridge (without Roon running in the first instance) and try it. It may well be that Roon is smart enough to detect that A RAAT server is already running and then not startup its own RAAT processes.

Let us know how you get on.

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No, if I try running both, I don’t see Roon Bridge on the computer…

It sounds like there is a clash, it was worth an experiment … I don’t think it was foreseen to ever run RoonBridge and Roon on the same machine.

I’ll leave a flag @Brian and @Danny to see if they have any comments… Maybe this needs to become a feature request.

Thanks, it would be nice to have the USB connection independent from the user account.

Both Roon Bridge and Roon will start a RAATServer to deal with audio stuff.

Before starting a RAATServer, they will try to connect to an existing RAATServer. If that connection fails, a RAATServer will be spun up. If no Roon or Roon Bridge is connected to the RAATServer, it exits after a short time.

If you want force the RAATServer to be Roon Bridge’s process (due to user permissions or process hierarchy), then you must start it first. In normal cases, it shouldn’t really matter since they both kinda just hand off to each other.

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Thanks for clarifying what I thought might be the case.

I wonder why Peter is seeing different?

Hi Peter,

Can you try this On the Mac Mini:

  • Reboot
  • Confirm RoonBridge is running (if not start it)
  • From a different device run Roon (as a remote)
  • Select the Mac Mini (RAAT) zone
  • Play a track


  • On the Mac Mini Start Roon
  • Does this affect the audio be ending played?
  • On the Mac Mini Stop Roon
  • Does this affect the audio be ending played?
  • Switch OSX user
  • Does this affect the audio be ending played?

See how you get on with that.

So, when I start RoonBridge, all is good. Opening and closing Roon has no affect. But when I switch users, the sound cuts out until I switch users back. Is there a way to run RoonBridge as a daemon or service?

yah of course… just normal unix stuff… sudo will let you run as another user and setsid will let you run in a matter that wont get killed on SIGHUP when your process group is killed on logout.

What would the command line start be? Just RoonBridge?

I haven’t tried any of this, so the details might be a bit off:

Roon Bridge is an app bundle, so it’s startup binary is here: /Applications/

sudo is sudo, I assume you know how to use it.

setsid seems to be missing from OSX :frowning: If you use homebrew, you can brew tap nerdrew/homebrew-tap and then brew install setsid

Your final commandline would be something like

sudo -u user setsid /Applications/`

obviously you’d want to background, but I don’t know how you’ve started all this up.

This is not so bad, but requires some understanding of the UNIX parts of OS X. We’ve eliminated all this stuff if you use RoonBridge/Roon how we expected it to be used by most users. However, because this is UNIX, you should be able to pull off what you want.

Thx, I’ll give it a try. Probably not til next week.

I’m new to Roon. I use an iPhone app as a remote. I would also like to be able to use my laptop as a remote. Roon core is on a music server. If I download RoonBridge to my laptop (a Mac) will I be able to use the laptop as a remote? Thanks.

Just use Roon (not Roon Sever or Roon Bridge) when it asks to setup as Control or Core select control and you should have a roon control endpoint on your mac

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Thanks Paul

Hope has you up and running…sometimes it’s hard to get ones head around what is what, with such flexibility comes some complexity

Maybe one day there will be a separate control only app for pc/mac like there is for portable phones and tablets…

For anyone else reading this…roon bridge needs to have run on startup checked IIRC to run automatically after a restart. So does server. Both only run in the menu bar (mac) or task bar (pc) and have no GUI

If you need a GUI or control on the pc/mac you can just install roon and select control then select the server (running on the same machine) and remember to close it afterwards to save some CPU utilisation.