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I found myself a HP T630 thinclient with 32Gb SSD and 8Gb internal memory. CPU is a AMD Embedded G-Series GX-420GI Radeon R7E, 4 cores. I’ve installed Ubuntu Linux 22.04 and Roon bridge. It’s running perfectly!!! Via USB a Sennheiser BTD500 serves my Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless headphone. Even more fun is I’ve connected one of the thinclient displayports to the HDMI input of my Rotel RSP 1576 surroud processor, giving me now multichannel music capability. The Weeknd sounds realy amazing over 7 speakers and 2 subs :slight_smile: Another advantage of this thinclient is that it is fanless.


sorry to ask but are you using rooncore or just roon bridge? My understanding is that the brige is just an endpoint like a PI, isn’t it?

PS: I love the sticker!!! Where can you get something like that? (Is it roon ready :-))

I use Roon Bridge only on the thinclient. My core is Roon Rock on an Intel i7 NUC. The Intel NUC has a fan so I’ve placed it in a room where I cannot hear it. This thinclient is now in my livingroom where I listen music mostly. It’s indeed just an endpoint like the Raspberry PI. The sticker is nothing more than a downloaded JPG Roon logo I’ve printed on a small adhesive label :slight_smile:

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Cheers! Depending on your library I’m sure you could probably run ROCK/Linux ROON CORE on that computer

I’ve never tried printing on adhesive labels. I’ll give it a go!

Thanks for the insight!

Roon Core will run I guess. I’m not sure Rock will install and recognize the Displayports for multichannel audio output.

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Roonbridge setups require very little compute. Those sub 200 dollars windows mini PCs make great endpoints if you need to have windows driver’s for a specific DAC, for things like high rate DSD.


Or an eBay celeron NUC £65.

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In the meantime I’ve modified my T630 Endpoint by cutting a sticker on a vinyl cutter machine :slight_smile:

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I have run rock on a gen3 nuc thin client as a zone for a number of years I no longer use it by it was a solid zone when in use.

Hi @Ron_Witkamp ! I you helped me get a HP T630 just like yours up and running as an HDMI Roon endpoint back in February of 2023. It was working flawlessly up until just recently when I went to play some music and noticed it wasn’t coming up in Roon as an endpoint anymore.

Upon further inspection, I did not have the typical text on the HDMI output that I normally would have when it’s humming along. Instead just a blank screen. Naturally, I rebooted the machine and the HP logo comes up, then the Ubuntu boot menu, then it boots. Again it ends up on a black screen.

I boot again, this time in recovery mode. Recovery mode seems to work fine. I enabled network in recovery mode, that worked too.

I ran the Roon Bridge install script again via$ curl -O and it returns a bunch of logic code that seems to pertain to it seeing Roon Bridge already installed.

Any thoughts as to why it would just stop working or troubleshooting steps I could attempt? Does Ubuntu do periodic automatic updates that could have messed something up?

Given my limited skills with Linux I am thinking my easiest course of action is to just reinstall Ubuntu and Roon Bridge from scratch.


Hi Bryan,

Strange behaviour which indeed can be caused bij an Unbuntu update. Maybe you can try removing RoonBridge before installing it. Might solve the problem.

Linux command for removinge RoonBridge is:

sudo ./ uninstall

You have to be in the directory where exists

Regards, Ron

Thanks for the quick response.

Any idea how I would know what directory the installer is in?

Normally it will be in the directory where you did the curl -O command.

In my case it is the landing directory where I initally come into after starting a terminal session. You can check directory content with the command ls -l

I just found out there are problems with Ubuntu 24.04 and RoonBridge on a HP Thinclient. Could not get it working. Went back to Ubuntu 22.04 and all is working fine!