Roon Bridge still on 571 [Answered - No new RoonBridge version]

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Ropieee on raspberry pi

Description Of Issue
I notice all of my Roon bridges are still on build 571 is this normal has the bridge not been updated to?

Especially since Bridge Win64 has a little bug.

Yes, here too. I thought bridges should follow main releases now.

There were no intention to release new RoonBridge.

Which one ?

This is what I thought.

Are you kidding me?
This one.Error
Everybody knows.

My PC player Windows Roon Bridge is also with “there was an error checking for an update”.
The installe version is Build 172 (which is strange as Linux Roon Bridge is Build 171).
By the way Roon Bridge is not documented in the Software Release Notes section of the forum, adding to the confusion.
I remember some months ago release notes had something like “There is no update for Roon Bridge this time”.

Hmmm…this makes it a bit confusing that the build numbers wouldn’t be in lockstep, especially when Roon Bridget querying for a new version results in an error message all of the time (win64).

Yes, but that error is probably only for the Windows version. With RoPieee there is no error, just “you have the latest version installed” which is 571.

Yes that’s right; so - I’m looking forward a new version, errors free :slightly_smiling_face:

this is running 610, bridge does need work and update @vova 200% cpu usage:

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