Roon can not play "Sleigh Ride" by Andy Williams - FLAC 192kHz File [Ticket Open]

I’m having an issue where roon will not play an album. The album is flac 24/192. Roon will play from the second track through the last track of the album. I’m able to play the first track using other players, Vox and Audirvana. What would prevent roon from playing the first track of the album and what should I check to eliminate the playback issue?

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What is this album / track and how was it ripped / download source?

It’s possible that the file is corrupt even if the other players can play it. You could try, using say dBpowerAmp, to transcode it from FLAC to FLAC which might iron out any wrinkles.

If that does not work, then I suspect @support will ask you for a copy of the file so they can test it in house.

Does the first track of the album show up along with the remaining tracks on the album or is track 1 actually showing up as a separate disc with just the one track?

I’m aware of several instances of 24/192 files purchased from HD Tracks that wouldn’t play properly on some players, including LMS and Roon. Converting from FLAC to FLAC always solved the problem. It had something to do with something odd in the file header.

Thank you for the responses and insight.
The album is sourced from HDtracks. Roon does not indicate the file is corrupted.
Track 1 shows up in the album, and is not listed separately.
Let me give the FLAC to FLAC transcode a try and see if this corrects the issue with the track not playing.

Used both XLD and DBPowerAmp to convert the file from flac to flac and roon will not play the file. Are there settings I need to set or should the default out of box settings work?

Thanks for trying FLAC to FLAC transcoding… let’s tag @support to take a look at that files.

What album is this?

I had an issue with a track from Springsteen’s website. Turned out, that the file was somehow carrying MQA info, even though it was not supposed to be a MQA file, and since it was already 24/192 it would not process. I converted 24/192 flac to 24/96 flac and it played. You might give that a try.

This may not be relevant but in my case, when my NAS is in hibernation (HDDs, that is) and it is waken up by playing an album with roon, the first track is flagged “corrupt” after a long long pause then starts playing the second track and on. Later I have to unflag it by re-analyzing it. I turned off the hibernation feature on my NAS now and don’t have that problem anymore. In the course of doing that, I read a few things about good and bad of doing the hibernation.

The album is Andy Williams, Merry Christmas. I believe this was available before MQA was introduced. I did not try changing the file from 24/192 to something else during the transcoding from FLAC to FLAC. I did try transcoding the file from FLAC to AIFF, and the AIFF file would also not play in roon.

Interesting information. Roon will not play the file it just hangs forever on the first track. Clicking the “Play Now” button starts the process by displaying “Playing 11 tracks”, but track 1 never starts playing. Selecting track 1 and clicking on “Play from Here” or “Play Now” results in the track not playing. Doing this for tracks 2-11 the selected track plays immediately.

Other albums play fine. Currently issues with this album.

Hello @Don_Ashley,

Can you please send the full album over to us to take a look? I will PM you instructions shortly on how to do so.


Just to make sure, it needs to be 24/96 resolution or lower that you transcode to. The issue, if it is the same as mine, is related to the track being in 24/192.

I am having the same issue with the same album I just purchased and downloaded from HD Tracks. The album is Andy Williams, Merry Christmas (24/192) . And it will not play track 1 Sleigh Ride. My HQplayer will play it directly but not through Roon. I also tested the file for corruption or errors on FLAC Frontend and no issues there. Any suggestions?

Hello noris,

I am having the same exact issue with the same album. Andy Williams Merry Christmas 24/192 sourced from HD Tracks. The first track will not play, which is Sleigh Ride. The tracks plays on my HQ Player Directly, but in Roon will not play. I also tested track with FLAC Frontend and no issues were found there.


It appears we have the same issue with the files I downloaded form HDtracks a few years ago. I was using different players at that time. I shared the files with support and they should share some insight soon.

Hello @Don_Ashley & @Michael_Saunders,

Thanks for your report and for sending the media to us. I have taken a look and am able to reproduce the issue you mentioned, I have gone ahead and started a case for this behavior with our QA team who can take a closer look at that file. I am not seeing anything strange regarding the format so it may be the file header or something else in the file info. I will be sure to let you know once I have received feedback from QA regarding this issue.


Hi @noris
Any update from the roon QA team regarding the file?

Thank you

Hello @Don_Ashley,

I wanted to touch base with some good news, which is that our technical team has been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with our developers.

While I can’t say for certain when this bug will be fixed, getting things reproduced in-house is a critical first step, and I will keep this thread up to date as the team passes along feedback and work begins to get this resolved. Thanks again for the report!

– Noris

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@noris Any update if and when this issue will be resolved?
Thank you