Roon can’t connect to Lumin L1 storage

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My Roon core is running in a Nadac Player and I am trying to connect the Roon with my Lumin L1 music library. Unfortunately, I am following all steps to do that without sucsses. Anybody can help me in what I am doing wrong?

My Lumin directory is:

LUMIN L1 (the name of the unity)

Demo A; Demo B; Demo C (folders)

Inside de Demo’s folders are music files.

smb://LUMIN L1/Music
smb://LUMIN L1/Demo A/Music

smb:// A/Music

I tryed all of possible path names. Unfortunately, I just for it the following message:

Could not connect to share: Host not find

I can see the L1 in my net by Fing application. So, the problem is how to connect the L1 by Roon!!!

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According to this, you can’t connect

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Lumin L1 supports UPnP protocol, and does not currently support SMB protocol in its current firmware 2.0.

As a workaround, Lumin L1 can act as a USB drive to be plugged into a computer running Roon Core via a USB cable.

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