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For some reason, Roon picks up only two of my Buddy Rich albums from my local library, which contains two large collections: Classic Albums, 1946-1956, and Classic Albums, 1957-1962. Roon finds Krupa and Rich and This One’s for Basie but nothing else. Is it possible to see whether Roon has knowingly skipped the rest or has the additional albums on some kind of blocked list?

I have noticed that Roon also has trouble with albums of which I have multiple versions. Sometimes, I can’t find those albums when searching for them by album name but they turn up when I search by the artist.

Thank you.

Hi @Andrew_Stein Thanks so much for letting us know about this.

It is possible that some of your files were skipped during the import process. You can check this by going to Roon Settings → Library → Skipped Files, all files that were skipped will show here and inform you of the error that caused this. You can read more about this here: Skipped Files. You can then compare your error codes using this article, Some of my files aren’t showing up in Roon.

Regarding the missing versions of albums, could you please provide us with the following information:

  • Describe what you enter in the search bar and share a screenshot of the results that show

  • Provide a screenshot of the versions tab when in an affected album

Thank you so much!

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