Roon cannot find UPnP device (Devialet Phantom Classic)

Sorry. I derailed this post a bit talking about the extension that leverages UPnP on the Phantom to control the volume.

@Calvin_So: Roon doesn’t support UPnP. If you saw the Phantom appearing in Other Devices, it was definitely just as an Airplay device. Your best bet for hi res material on your Phantom is to connect a RAAT endpoint to the optical input (see this response above: Roon cannot find UPnP device (Devialet Phantom Classic)), or to petition Devialet to support RAAT in DOS2.

See this


It works perfectly for Phantoms.

No need for a Rpi/Hifiberry/Toslink and no need for any special volume control via extensions. I can control the Phantom’s volume via Roon. You do need to run the little program on an always on computer/NAS somewhere on the same network.

Hi there…I’m also on the pursue of using the HiRes capabilities on our Phantom’s, but since we still don’t have Roon native support and Toslink only goes to 96/24…the above software seems a great solution to network the Phantom and use the internal DAC to his full potential of 192/24…but I’m having issues with the Bridge on my Win10 PC… :frowning: …Roon stops playing tracks 96/24 exactly at 3:20s…not sure why…anyone has the Config.xml (and Roon settings) that can share so I can try to find my problem…any pointers or challenges that you found when setting up the Bridge? Many thanks for any support on this…

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