Roon cannot load database, please contact support (what I do?)

Roon cannot load database.

Context: during the last weeks, I got several times the blue screen. It happens allways while I am navigating Roon, perhaps overloading it with requests?

This morning it happened again, triggered by a “DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION”. I followed the procedure described on the following page: Bluescreen Error: DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION - Microsoft Community.

The computer runs again, Roon too. Then the music was suddenly interrupted, the Roon logo apeared on a black screen, shouted for a long moment, so I shut the program down. Now Roon cannot load the database any more.

I have downloaded Roon afresh, installed it (over the existing version): nothing changes. Interestingly, the dates in the directory are still from the 13th of April. I have gone through several threads concerning the same topic but did not find any solution for the present case.

I have a backup from March but have no access to the parameters.

Core and UI on a HP Envy 17 laptop with Windows 10 à jour. Intel I7, 16 Gb Ram

External service: Tidal.

Flac library on a WD MyBook.

Ethernet connection from computer to router and from router to external disc.

Playing over USB to a AQ Dragofly Cobalt. Only one end point.

Log files:

Would you please help?

Greetings, Reto

Please note I am not roon support.

Have you tried to download the latest roon version and reinstall from there?

Have you tried to downgrade roon to a previous build?

Do you have a full system backup with a copy of the DB from before the time the problem appeared?

DB issues may be problematic as it seems roon does not perform integrity checks. Data may thus become corrupted without roon noticing. Then these corrupted data are backed up. Bottom line: backups may be unusable. But this is not necessarily your case.

Bonjour Benoît,

Merci pour votre contribution. Je vois dans votre profil que vous avez une certaine expérience dans le domaine…

Yes, I did download the software and did re-install it. Actuelly, I re-installed it over the existing one, with no effect. I will do it again after protecting the backup of the database and de-installing the current verstion.

I don’t know the downgrade procedure, so I did not try.

I have a copy of the database but not a copy of the full system.

Were you able to restore your database?

Bonne soirée,


P.S. La panne ne mêmpêche pas d’écouter de la musique!

D’abord je tiens a préciser que dans mon cas, le roon core est installé sur un Mac mini.

Le problème auquel je suis confronté est que toutes les builds au-delà de la 764 déclenchent une erreur de lecture de la DB.

La seule solution est de créer une DB entièrement nouvelle car une restauration de la DB à partir des backups de roon déclenche la même erreur. Cette solution est inacceptable pour moi car elle conduit à la perte de l’ensemble des metadata ajoutées minutieusement au fil du temps.

Pour réaliser le downgrade, j’ai simplement copié l’application roon build 764 à la place de la nouvelle à partir d’une copie de sauvegarde. Je suis actuellement bloqué sur la version 764 car l’équipe de roon semble incapable de résoudre ou d’expliquer l’erreur de lecture survenant avec les builds suivants.

Nous sommes face à un problème de fond du côté de roon car l’intégrité des données n’est garantie par aucune procédure. Il est donc possible que toutes les sauvegardes effectués par roon contiennent des données corrompues ou que celles-ci deviennent soudainement illisibles lors d’un upgrade du logiciel.

Dans votre cas, je suppose qu’il faut faire un test en créant une nouvelle DB, c’est à dire en renommant le dossier qui contient la DB actuelle pour contraindre roon à en créer un nouveau. Vous pourrez ensuite tenter une restauration à partir de roon une fois que l’application aura démarré normalement.

You don’t mention your PC spec it sounds similar to mine i7/16GB etc BUT recent windows updates have been plying havoc with Video Cards . Roon extensively uses Game Technology (Open GL 3) which uses the GPU extensively .

There was a Windows update a week or so ago, did you take it ?

It may help to identify your Video Card (in Device Manager) and to get the native driver from the Manufacturer’s site (eg NVidia/ Intel etc) and apply that driver rather than the Windows “provided” one.

This has worked in some cases.

Also it helps to reboot everything starting at the Modem> Router etc waiting until each component has started before moving on. Painful , lots of coffee breaks but may help

If not its a wait for @support

@ Mike

The driver of the GeForce video card ist from NVIDIA, updated in December 2020. On my laptop, Windows does update automatically.

@ Benoît

I did follow the procedure in your last paragraph (renaming database folder, creating a database from scratch and then restoring the update). I restored a backup from 27th of April. The first attempts at restarting Roon were unsuccessful. After a visit to the folder over the file explorer, miracle, it did work. Everything is there (bookmarks, tags, radio stations) but the most recent history.

Thank you both for the friendly support! Roon support did not yet pop up.

… et cela fait bien plaisir de lire un peu de français dans un forum si international!

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Hi @Reto_Hadorn,

Thanks so much for posting in the Support category when you ran into this error. I am very sorry you’ve been affected.

It looks like while we got a chance to reply, friendly Roon subscribers have chimed in. It seems, from your last post that you’ve been able to restore a backup?

Can we help with anything at this point?

(copy of the message sent directly to you from my mail client)

Thank you for asking.

The problem I had seems to be solved, as you guessed. The support forum is actually responsive!

I would yet recommend that the Roon team takes notice of the fragility of the database and takes actions to strengthen it. Obviously I am not the only user experiencing such crashes.

Also, I had several blue screens using Roon, something the development team should keep in mind while making further developments. I confess, my laptop HP Envy 17 is six years old and is not supported anymore by HP, although the product line still exists. Roon is probably pretty demanding.

I know… the Nucleus… :wink:

Thanks for your efforts. 1.8 is a important progress on the previous version. I listen mostly jazz, classic, folk from over the world.

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