Roon cannot locate Bluesound Powernode 2i

Hi @support. Roon cannot locate my Bluesound Powernode 2i on wifi. The Bluesound app has no problem finding it. It’s the only Bluesound product I own. Roon found my Sonos Room Amp also on wifi immediately. My core is running on an HP micro PC running Windows 10 64 bit. Wifi is through a Google mesh system, and my music files are located on a QNAP NAS. I’m using an iPad Pro ML0T2LL/A running ver. 12.1 OS as my interface. All parts of the system have had the latest software updates applied. I’ve rebooted the core PC repeatedly and rebooted the Powernode multiple times, still with no Roon connection to the Powernode. the Bluesound app runs the Powernode properly and maps the NAS properly. I can see the Powernode on the Windows network. Help, please!

Hello @Thomas_Salmon,

Thanks for contacting support regarding this issue, does the Powernode show up when using Ethernet? I am wondering if your Google Mesh system by any chance separates the subnet that the Powernode is on, does your Google mesh system handle the DHCP addressing here or do you have another router in place before Google Mesh? Also, have you added Roon as an exception in your Windows Defender Settings?