Roon cannot locate music folder on MacMini

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus latest build
Connected by Ethernet to Fios on Verizon router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection
DCS Bartók , newest Mac mini, Catalina software connected by Ethernet to router. Backed up by time machine to My Book external drive.

Description of Issue
Roon cannot see my Music folder on Mac. Up until last week was using same setup on an older Mac with Lion, all basically worked well. Set up new Mac and transferred Music file from My Book to the Mac which was then using latest release BEFORE Catalina, did not try to access Music file so don’t know if Roon saw it or not.

Then downloaded Catalina and noticed that there were now two music folders, Music and Music Copy.

Apple Support says Roon made the copy folder. This new Music Copy file shows up as shared with Roon able to read and write in sharing under system preferences, and Roon also has read and write permissions on pop up from right clicking on Music Copy and selecting get info.

The original Music folder also shows in Sharing with Roon having reading and writing but does not appear with permissions to share in the get info pop up. I cannot add it as I do not have necessary permission.

There are two different locations and extensions and Sharing says computers on my local net work can access me at fred.local. My previous successful path was: \fred.local\music.

Now, the Music folder shows where: Macintosh HD > System > Applications with the extension grayed out. The Music copy info shows Where: Macintosh HD > Applications. The extension is Music How do I indicate correct path in Storage in Roon app for watched file.

Have tried many combinations without success.
Also, strangely, internet radio only seems to play from one speaker. Tidal selections are fine from both speakers.

Hope this is not too confusing - looking forward to your response.

Fred Imberman

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

We are aware of some storage issues surrounding OSX Catalina and are working to resolve these, please see the following thread for the official announcement:

I do not have any specific timeline I can share regarding a fix, but we are actively investigating this with the dev team’s assistance and taking reports for this issue seriously, when there is an update to share we will make an additional announcement.

Can you let me know which radio station exhibits this behavior and the link to it? Does the same behavior occur for multiple radio stations or audio devices?

This happens when listening to the public radio station WNYC FM thru Roon. Both speakers are active when this station is streamed via airplay to the Bartók by my iPad or Mac Mini. I do not know the URL o7r how to find it- I pasted it from some thread that I found it on the internet. This is the only station I have added Roon internet radio. Further to your comments about solving Catalina solutions, will you contact me about the correct choice of Music folder and path when figure this out?

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

You can find the URL of the station if your right-click and edit the station, for example:

Can you please post the link from your end here?

We are still working on this and we will certainly make an announcement in our support section once this issue is resolved. Once it has been, your Roon client should automatically update to the new Roon version as long as you have automatic Roon updates enabled. Let’s focus on the the radio issue first and circle back to the Catalina fix afterwards.

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