Roon can't find my audio devices after upgrading 1.2

After upgrading Roon version 1.2(buidl 142), I can’t find my any audi devices.

Before upgrading, my Roon has not problems.

Help me Roon!

I’ve had similar issues as I was experimenting using the same PC with multiple install/uninstall of Roon, RoonServer, and RoonBridge.
The solution I had eventually was to

  • uninstall all Roon related software on the machine that’s supposed to be installed with RoonBridge
  • Delete folders on that PC that are related to Roon, such as RAATServer, RoonBridge, RoonServer, etc.
  • Reinstall RoonBridge on that PC
  • Then the endpoint on that RoonBridge PC should be found.

Hope this helps.

Make sure your firewall is allowing Roon through it, this has raised its head for another user.


Sorry for the slow response here @kim_inho – did you get this resolved?

No I can’t solve my problem.
So Now I downgrade my version.
How can I find my devices in new version?

Can you start from describing your PC specs, what zones were connected to this device ?
Do you have antivirus / firewall on that machine ?
Do you use VPN?
Can you also verify, using Task Manager, that alongside with Roon process, RAATServer process is running?

Thanks in advance