ROON can't find my Cambridge 851N

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I have a NUC connected to a Cambridge 851N via optical fiber. I control ROON via a Windows 10 laptop and use an Android phone and Kindly Fire as remotes as required. . All was working great last weekend. I tried playing music last night and could not get ROON to find/recognize the 851N. I went into setting - audio and the 851N (labled CA ASIO or something like that!) was not enabled. When I click on enable it pauses for a moment then in red say ‘Device Initialization Failed’ - then the ROON program on the laptop ■■■■■ itself down.

Any suggestions?

I did experience a power cut during the week - if that makes any difference.

Many thanks

Ian Webster

Roon is not able to see a device over conventional digital connections (S/PDIF, TOSLINK, AES/EBU). You usually have to activate the local device (Sound-card) that provides the connection in Roon.

Sounds reasonable to me. I would guess that this entry belongs to a USB connection (driver) for your DAC but as you stated previously, you don’t use such a connection atm.

Thank you BlackJack - but I don;t know what you mean by this:

Roon is not able to see a device over conventional digital connections (S/PDIF, TOSLINK, AES/EBU). You usually have to activate the local device (Sound-card) that provides the connection in Roon

I have the 851N hardwired to the internet through the RJ45 connector on the back of the unit. This goes into a media converter which sends the signal to another media converter via optical fiber - then back in to Switch. The NUC is connected to the same switch. This has worked really well for the past few months since Cambridge Audio upgraded the 851N to ROON ready (or what ever it is called now.) with a Beta firmware update. I was enjoying my set up as described only last Saturday. However, yesterday ROON suddenly won’t recognize the 851N as and endpoint. To my knowledge the only thing that has changed/happende is that we had an power outage during the week.

BlackJack - by Soundcard do you mean the soundcard in my laptop? I did fiddle with the settings on my laptop soundcard in order to run DIRAC calibration software on my Arcam AVR850 - could this have messed with things? Cheers


I think BlackJack thinks you are using Spdif optical hence his response. I take it your using fibre optic network converter? So this was working as Roon Ready over network before the power outage ? If so ASIO has nothing to do with this as that’s for a usb connection only. What OS are you running on the NUC?

Exactly the way CrystalGipsy said.

As it seems now that you use a network connection, make sure that the network connected Roon Ready device is active in Roon. As well as CrystalGipsy and I already wrote, the “ASIO” indicates usually an USB connected device – which is not what you use.

Maybe you should also check the settings of your 851N – especially if the 851N doesn’t show in Roon^s audio settings as networked Roon Ready device. Settings there might have been changed or reset because of the power outage.

Update: Also if not done so already, you might have to reboot your network(ed) devices in controlled order for them to become properly functional/accessible again because when the power returned, devices rebooted all at the same time (or some maybe not at all, depending on configuration/ability). As the different devices need different amounts of time to boot-up and become functional again – especially if a central device like a switch or router may take more time to boot-up – other devices that may have shorter boot-up times might be improperly setup/configured now.

For example my networked audio device is configured to use DHCP for it’s network connection which falls back to APIPA when no DHCP server is detected on startup (because the router is still booting up) and is therefore unavailable on the network until rebooted again after the router has finished starting up.

OK - thank you both. NUC is running ROCK.

I think the ASIO is just left over from before the 851N was ROON ready and I had the laptop connect to it via USB - cheers.

I will check the settings on the 851N tonight when I get home.

I look at the sound settings on the laptop and it shows the 851N as not connected - but I’m thinking this could be because the NUC is at home and I’m at work, 10 miles away. :laughing:

I appreciate the input. I’ll update when I’ve checked the 851N settings.


Please read also the updated content in my previous post – especially if the 851N is not showing up on the network at all.

Also mske sure the NUC has a properly assigned IP some times a power outage might have made it pick up some spurios IP. Double check both ROCK and the streamer have similar ip addresses, only the last number should be different. Can you log in to ROCKS web ui ok?

CrystalGipsy, Blackjack - thank you both very much for your input. After much hair pulling and swearwords I think I found the issue See attached photo. Apparently running the optical fiber cable in the crawlspace under the house was not such a good idea. For the most my wife and I love living out in the country. But the mice can be a pain in the %#@Q sometimes.

Now have to work out how to run the OF cable a different way!!!

Again thank you for trying to help. I switched to wifi on the 851N and all works well - but sound quality has lost a little sparkle!!!

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Lots of problems eventually can be traced back to network issues - but this is a first!! :mouse: :mouse2:

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You could always go with armoured fibre… It’s not THAT much more expensive.

You are not kidding :smiley:

Corrugated armor is a coated steel tape folded around the cable longitudinally, which can be found in outdoor cables and offers extra mechanical and rodent protection.

Thank you ccixhura,

I didn’t even know that was a thing. I’ve just ordered a 65ft run of outdoor armored cable for $18!!!

Delivery time is 6 weeks though - so back to wifi for a while.

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Hello @Ian_Webster, glad you found a solution! Please let us know if you need further assistance in the future.

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