Roon can't find Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra

I’m a new Roon user and trying to set up my devices. Roon finds other media devices on my network, but can’t find this. It’s set up properly and I can see it on my network from various PCs. Any tips? I’ve refreshed on Roon under Audio Settings. I’ve closed and re-opened Roon on my Macmini Roon core server too.

The Stream Box is coming off of a network switch locally and my Macmini is connected directly to my home network switch in my home theater closet where my network gear is located.


Hi Robert, welcome to Roon and the forum. Can you try connecting the S2 to the same switch as the core as an experiment, this will help to see if the switch it’s is the starting point of the issue. Some switches don’t always cope with routing multicast packets around and Roon relies on these for device discovery. Ensure that the S2 is in the same DHCP range as the core so all first 3 sets of numbers in its IP address are the same as the core. Do you have a DAC connected to the S2 as it will need one possibly to show up . I know Roon bridge on other devices don’t show up if the DAC is not connected or Its not working connected correctly.

It’s also good practice to give us a list of the network gear and topology so that support and others may have some knowledge of issues that are known from specific equipment.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will try to connect directly to the same switch as the core. Good idea. The S2 is connected to its companion Pre Box S2 Digital DAC.

My network topology is: core is connected directly to my whole house Luxul gigabit switch (can’t remember model), which itself is fed directly from my internet modem. The S2 is connected to a basic passive network switch in another room that is fed directly from the LAN port connecting to the same Luxul switch.

Thanks again.

Is the main switch a managed switch? If so make sure IGMP snooping is on and it’s not blocking any multicast traffic. Also ensure your firewalls are allowing Roon through there are two exceptions to add.

Yes, I believe the switch is managed. There’s a smart controller it runs through that has a network manager/monitor. I’ll check on the IGMP you mentioned and also the firewalls. Thanks again!

What are the specific exceptions to add to a firewall for Roon? Thanks much!

RAATServer and Roon, I think

roon.exe and raatserver.exe

Thanks for the tips.

Hi @Robert_choll,

If are using a Windows PC, I would verify that both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe have been added as exceptions to your Windows firewall.

You can use these instructions to add the exceptions and the executables themselves would be located in your Database Location/Application folder path.

I would also add these exceptions to any Antivirus or other Firewall blocking applications you may have and ensure that you connected to your network via a Private network, not a Public one, see this guide for more information.

You can also look over our Networking Best Practices Guide for other suggestions regarding managed switches, but I agree that having both Core + Endpoint on the same switch is a good test to separate the possible causes.

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