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Hello, I am a new player with roon, I start the trail and want to import musics from itunes for test.
but it can’t work, I think I have do anything what I can do, but failed, so I need your help.
Thank you for your kindly help.

This article may help…

I have read this topic and follow the steps, but it still can’t work :worried:

I think you will need assistance from the @support team so it will be worth providing the information requested on the original support request.

Yes, hope the @support team can read my msg and help.

@PixelPopper thank you so much.

Sorry I couldn’t help more :pray:t4:

I have no idea what the problem is as your screenshots indicate it should be working, but clearly something isn’t right. Have you tested adding music from any different folders? If not, I’d suggest creating a new folder, copy a few albums into it, then add that folder as a storage location.

I have copied the files and add to Roon, but still no music added.
The file is in m4p format, I don’t know if it is supported.

I’m pretty sure that “m4p” files are protected and not currently supported by Roon which is almost certainly the source of the problem. You could probably convert them to a compatible format, Flac, with software such as dBpoweramp but further investigation is needed (I have never tried to use m4p files).


@PixelPopper suggestion is spot on.
You can batch convert the complete collection with dbpoweramp, its a highly recommended tool and used by many here.
Convert all to flac and you should be good to go.
I did approx 220000 tracks and left it overnight, think it took 18 hours for that lot but not one error!


Ok, I will try it, thanks a lot.

OK,I will try it, thanks a lot.

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