Roon can't play album, Audirvana and Foobar2000 do

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon 1.7 on Windows 10

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

DietPi Allo or Ropieee on Pi2AES

Description Of Issue

First day of using Roon, so maybe it’s my fault.

One particular album does not show up in the library and also not in settings/library/skipped files.

When I try to drag and drop it from explorer to the queue / import it to the library, this is also not possible.

The album does play with Audirvana+ and Foobar2000.

I read that already.

It’s FLAC and no special characters involved. Also the same folder as all the music that got imported correctly in the library.

Follow the steps in the section labeled “Confirming The Import” then as it should be either ignored, skipped or imported.

There is not much that potential helpers can come up with if you don’t provide any details about your Roon Core and the album in question. Providing screenshots about what you see in Roon or in your watched folder might be also good idea

Is it a duplicate, if so it may be showing under ther versions tag on the other album

Also try Settings >Storage >3 Dots by the file location > force rescan

First of all, thanks for the very quick reply and help. I appreciate that :slight_smile:

I did check the skipped files as mentioned in the first post. I also looked up the files by path. I also just added the folder manually to the library and force scanned again, all to no avail.

What infos do you need concerning the Roon core? It’s 1.7 (build 710) stable (64bit) on a Windows 10 PC. The library and the remote(?) is installed here.

The folder is on the SSD in the same system and named “Lorde - 2014 - Pure Heroine”, the files inside like this “01 - Tennis Court.flac”.

I can provide screenshots if you tell me what is of interest.

It’s a different master of the album. The 44.1 version shows up in the library, the 48 version does not. Both albums are in folders next to each other on the SSD.

With other albums I can switch versions which I would expect here as well.

Open the album page for it you should see

Tracks. Credits Versions

Is it hiding in the version section. Roon will automatically group versions of the same album on import, you will see only one , but the others there

No, it’s not. It says “1 Library Version”.

I know that feature because it works with other albums in the library.

Then try the Force rescan , it often works. I had an album the other day I needed to rescan. It only takes a minute

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LOL, now I have 4 versions in the library (did force scan several times and added the folder manually to the library). There seems to be some kind of delay between scanning and showing up, at least with this particular album. But now I see that it works in principle :slight_smile:

Will delete the manually added folder and experiment with scanning and stuff. So that I have the correct two versions showing.

Glad you’re happy now, Roon has a steep learning curve

Have a great weekend

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