Roon Capable Alarm Clock / Tabletop radio

I’m looking for an alarm clock / tabletop radio that I could also stream music to from my Roon server. I am considering the Grace Digital Mondo Elite Classic which supports Chromecast so I believe could work with Roon? However, it’s out of stock, and the speaker quality has gotten mixed reviews. I’m also interested in the Roberts Revival iStream 3 or Stream 94L. Has anyone used any of these with Roon? Or have an alternate suggestion? I don’t sleep with a phone next to my bed so using a BT speaker plus Android / iPhone is not an option I’m interested in.


Naim Muso QB might be worth considering if the price is not too high for you. I think the alarm function is limited to internet radio though. Also I don’t think you’d get a time display, although I’m not sure.

I use a Lenovo Smart Clock 2 which shows in Roon as endpoint via Chromecast streaming.
It‘s main purpose for me is to be an alarm clock - and well the sound quality is like an alarmclock.
It can stream songs for casual listening or as an alarm to wake you up, which can be set via „hey google“ voice commands.

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There’s always the “Nest Hub”, Google’s own attempt at a clock/radio. Here’s a review that will make you think twice before buying one.