Roon causes WMI Provider Host to have high CPU usage

I’ve started having this problem about 2 weeks ago. WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) randomly started using 100% of my CPU until I forbade it from using more than one thread of my CPU through Task Manager. Obviously, this wasn’t a long term solution. WmiPrvSE.exe would eventually stop running before coming back again using 100% of my CPU. Restarting my PC didn’t help at all.

Through Event Viewer, I found the ClientProcessId of the process responsible for this error. That process, of course, turned out to be Roon.exe. This was confirmed when I closed Roon and the CPU usage of WmiPrvSE.exe immediately dropped to 0%. I tried reinstalling Roon but the problem persisted.

I’m not sure why Roon is triggering WMI Provider Host but I’d love to fix this annoying glitch…Any help would be much appreciated!:grinning:

Reboot PC. Verify Roon is running and CPU is high usage. Try restarting the “Windows management Instrumentation” Service. This will restart the service and all the dependent processes. You should, fingers crossed, see your CPU usage go down.

This is a weird state that Windows can get into and has existed long before Roon came along.

Thanks for the suggestion but the problem persisted… I did exactly as you described, but within 10 minutes of restarting the “Windows Management Instrumentation” Service, WmiPrvSE.exe came back to take up the whole CPU. Again, closing Roon caused WmiPrvSE.exe to drop back down to 0%. Could it be a problem with Roon’s latest update? Is there something else I can try to fix this?

Can you be more specific as to the windows version and variant that you are using? 32/64bit 7/8/10 pro/home/server OEM/Vendor/upgrade from another version…whatever? Is all important to help try to see what might be going on. My WIn10Pro64bit seems to be fine and running for at least 2 weeks…

The Windows I’m using is Windows 10 64-bit Home Edition. It wasn’t upgraded from older versions of Windows.