Roon causing DAC to crash

Roon Core Machine

WIndows PC. i512600K, 32GB GDDR5 3600, Samsung 980 EVO Pro M.2 1Tb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hardline from Shaw Modem/Router. Computer with Specific problem is Macbook Pro 16 (Intel i9) using wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Scarlett 2i2 - HTR6160 - Schiit Modius and Modi - Pro Tools Aux Buses

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When I enable the Schiit Dacs the music will not play and after waiting for a few minutes the dac will completely disconnect from the computer (does not show up on a serial bus) and all of the audio for the computer stops working until I “sudo killall coreaudiod” in terminal

sorry if parts of this are passive-aggressive, I’ve been troubleshooting for a while and I’m loosing my mind

Hi Matthew

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I gathered this from Schiits website.

So what platforms does your Unison USB input support?
Actually, the question should be “What platforms support your USB input?” since our USB input is 100% UAC2 compliant (that is, USB Audio Class 2, the accepted standard for USB audio transmission.) So, here you go:

Linux. As in, most popular streamers, from the Sonore MicroRendu to the Salk Streamer. Note “most.” Also most Linux distros that support UAC2 natively will be plug and play. Please note that we cannot provide detailed technical support for Linux"

Could you please give more details of your Core machine.

Is it dual booting Windows and Linux?

Found this that might help identify if you have compatibility already with Linux.

Firstly, let’s get something out of the way, and that’s USB Audio Class 2 (UAC2) support within Linux. With all modern distributions (>=2.6 kernel), UAC2 is readily available. It can be validated by looking at the audio-v2.h file within the kernel source:

grep ‘From the USB Audio’ /usr/src/linux/include/linux/usb/audio-v2.h

  • From the USB Audio spec v2.0:

Feel free to look at the full file to see the references to the UAC2 specification.

Can you specify how the Schiit gear is plugged into the Macbook, via USB?

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Yeah, its plugged in with a Micro B (Schiit end) to USB-C (Mac end). I switched cables and ports and nothing seems to remedy the problem

Does you Mac play through its internal speakers with no DAC connected to it? I remember reading that Schitt has had to replace some of its USB interfaces and can’t remember if the your devices may be part of that group.

But the Modius is a USB-C DAC, not micro USB… Have you tried everything suggested by Schiit? In particular, Macbook USB port power management is tricky, so it would be better if you made sure the Modius was separately powered.

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Yeah, I don’t get that. There’s no USB Micro-B in the back of the Modius, just USB C.

The Original Moduis is 2x Micro B, the USB-C is a fairly recent update. I have also tried everything from schiit, and it’s purely a Roon on Mac os problem. Internal speakers work fine on roon, but when I play anything through the dac and it freezes all of the audio on the computer. I think it has something to do with Ventura. I didnt know that schiit had to replace some of them though, so ill look deeper into that.


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Have you tried to play audio from the Macbook to the Modius directly, without Roon?

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