Roon & Chromecast screensaver

Hi there.
I send roon’s screen to a monitor via a chromecast.
But after a few minutes, the chromecast goes to sleep and throws the screensaver at me.
I went through all the chromecast settings and couldn’t find a solution.
I’m on Roon/Rock/Nuc

I noticed that too… Do you have the Google TV Chromecast? You might be able to access that seeing in the home settings app.

It seems to be a problem only due to the configuration of the Chromecast. I tried with a Xiomi Tv Stick and everything works perfectly.
Problem partially solved. :wink:

I received my „Chromecast with Google TV“ today, bought it for the sole purpose of displaying Roon on an older TV…quite disappointing with the screensaver, there seems to be no way to turn it off.:slightly_frowning_face:

The problem seems to be that despite displaying Roon, the chromecast device considers itself inactive!

The mentioned Xiaomi Stick is not available at the moment. Any advice for / experience with an alternative to the Chromecast?

Many thanks in advance!

I noticed the screensaver comes in when using Chromecast from my ShieldTV. However it works as intended (no screensaver) when using my 4K Chromecast Ultra… and that’s what I’m using now!

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Thanks for sharing👍

If anybody has experiences with Chromecast v3, let me know…

Roon team:
Maybe Roon needs to send some kind of „activity signal“ to Chromecast in order to prevent the inactivity mode to kick in?!

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