Roon client - re-introduce 'Remove from library' (present on ARC app)

Some many many versions back the ‘Remove from library’ was removed from the Roon clients.
Now with the ARC, I see this feature is back, but only for the ARC app.

Could you please re-introduce this feature on normal Roon client apps.
It’s a bit silly to need to do ‘Edit’ and then scroll all the way down to find the ‘Delete’ button.
Simply copy/paste the function from ARC back into the Roon clients.


A bit of clarification here…

Roon Remotes distinguish between items in your library that exist in your local storage and those that have been added from a streaming service (Qobuz and/or Tidal)

The “Remove from library” function is active only for items added from a streaming service, but made inactive for local items.

The rationale was that removing local files is equivalent to permanent deletion of the files, and hence the “Delete” function should be used to avoid accidental deletion. You might be surprised at how often people did not realise that “Remove from library” meant permanent deletion of local files.

For this reason, there are some who have asked that “Remove from library” in ARC should only apply to streaming files, and indeed that deletion of local files should not be allowed for at all in ARC, but be restricted to Roon Remote.

Actually your statement is not correct. Roon ARC is also physically deleting albums from the local drive.
User is getting a nice prompt as well: ‘X files will be deleted from your hard drive’ and a red button ‘Permanently delete’.

So I don’t agree that users can accidentally delete their files. Unless blindly pressing button without reading :slight_smile: .

So I still stand behind my request, to get the same functionality which is on ARC to be added on normal Roon clients. There is nothing that should block to have this same function. Just a simple copy/paste.

I agree that ARC will delete files from the Library, but it is a fact that there has been feedback that this should not be included in the UI, only deletion of downloaded files should be present.

And users do accidentally delete their files, even though the warnings exist…

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That’s a very poor excuse not to provide it on all clients. We might as well remove the ‘Delete’ button from keyboards, as users may accidentally delete some files from their PCs.

I suppose that’s why Mac does not have delete button :smiley: and you have to press cmd + backspace to delete a file.

I must disagree, all interfaces is one thing, however, RoonARC is a very specific client for a very specific purpose. I for one don’t want to be fumbling around with my iPhone while out and about and worry about accidentally deleting music. Especially as I may provide RoonARC to others in the household that may not be as aware of what they’re doing.

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I’m talking about the Roon clients and the Remotes - not ARC. And it is present in these apps in the Track browser:

I don’t really care if ARC has the remove from library for the local content or not, but the point is: It is there already
My issue is that I mainly use the classic Roon app and I like the option to get rid of some albums I don’t enjoy directly from it.

If it’s such a big deal for some users, I think we should have an options in the setting if the removal should be enabled or not.

Now we have a messy situation, where illogically ARC has easier way for removal of local content compared to classic Roon app.
We can still do it in the Roon app, but in a bit cumbersome way.

I would prefer let say for ARC to have cumbersome removal and the classic app to have it the easy way (how it’s on ARC now) or how it’s for streaming content in classic app.

And again, just adding a simple toggle in the settings “allow removal of local content” would solve this debate for everyone.

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This, however, is fairly confusing, and I found out the hard way. :blush:
If you have downloaded an album to your phone in Roon ARC, and then choose ‘remove from library’, what is going to be removed? I thought it would only be the “local” (as in: downloaded) files on the storage of the phone, so I went ahead. To my surprise, it completely wiped the files off my phone AND my NAS storage.
Of course, silly me, I should have chosen ‘Remove from Downloads’, but for some reason that menu item illuded me.

In any case, I feel ‘Remove from Library’ is an entirely wrong way to put it. Because the “Library” is just a database, so one expects an album to be removed from the Roon database only. (yes, I know there’s a warning that files will be deleted afterwards, but it’s still wrong wording). I’d say ‘Delete / wipe Files’ or something similar would be much better.

But that still wouldn’t prevent the mistake I made illustrated above, because ‘wipe files’ could still mean they’d be wiped from local storage (on the phone) only. When in fact, it gets wiped on both devices: phone AND NAS storage.

To be honest, I’d simply remove the option to wipe files entirely, from all Roon clients. File management is not up to Roon, it’s up to the person who put those files there in the first place. It would be more in line with the philosophy of Roon anyway, since Roon doesn’t want a ‘folder view’ option either of your library. And Roon would never be accused again of accidental data loss. :grinning:

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Agree. Roon ARC should not have the capability of remotely deleting files without a dialog box or preferences. To allow a simple swipe on Roon ARC is madness.